WorthPlaying Review: SimCity Creator

WorthPlaying writes: "In 2007, Electronic Arts sought to reclaim the legacy and money-making capabilities of its SimCity franchise by saying goodbye to the modern age of gaming and traveling back to 1999. SimCity DS was pretty much a port of SimCity 2003, which in turn was really only a slight update of SimCity 2000. The endless complication of the sprawling sandbox that is a SimCity game didn't hold up quite as well as it did back in 1993, and EA must have realized that the franchise was in need of a serious reboot.

Enter SimCity Creator for the NDS, a game that still holds onto all the relics of the early-'90scity simulator but adds something that the original creators never thought of: a learning curve. For the first time ever, your SimCity travels through time, and you have to build it up from a collection of huts by a river into a hunter-gatherer society, an agrarian monarchy, and then you have to work it up into the modern age and keep it thriving. Each new age you reach gradually introduces its own set of challenges, and with it, the game finally feels like it has a purpose other than frustrating you with minutiae."

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