TGR Awards: Game of the Year Awards

It 's the final day of the TGR Awards -- time for the coveted Game of the Year awards. These games are the best of the best; shame on you if you haven't played them yet!

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N4PS3G3480d ago

Its quite funny that an arcade game won overall game of the year ...

Gameplay+Innovation+Fun > Graphics

Gamplay+Innovation+Fun+Graphi cs > Everything

cain1413480d ago

Braid was good, but I'm not sure it would be my best for the year...

Viewtiful3480d ago

Ick, Braid was so overrated. It's a puzzle game folks. Just because they rubbed emo tears all over the code doesn't make the gameplay any better.

ThePimpOfSound3480d ago

Those choices are bold. But are they also ... daring?

James Abels3480d ago

2008 was very interesting, no clear game of the year for the first time in maaany years, and the rise of the casual gamer was powerful.

SirLarr3480d ago

I would've given The World Ends With You best handheld.

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