The Information Box-Alan Wake (Plot, Visuals, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Copy Protection)

The Alan Wake forums are quite active and discuss a wide range of subjects that will interest any Alan Wake onlooker. Here are excerpts of some of the most intense discussions and the official answers to those questions by "MarkusRMD", their popular public figure, who does most of the official answering for the game on the forums.

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Saint Sony3334d ago

"it’s still quoted by many respected developers as being more expensive and slower to develop for than Xbox360."

"We have absolutely nothing against PS3, far from it, and in fact we are still a registered Sony PS3 developer. It was a big decision for us to go with a console first party publisher with Alan Wake, but looking at it in hindsight I still think it was the right one for the game and for the company. We get a better game for you to enjoy and have less technological risks while making it."

At least one developer dares to openly speak about cons of developing to PS3

JokesOnYou3334d ago

Good read.....i like devs who take their valuable time to answer questions from the fans and manage to do it without sounding prejudice....just straight forward and honest. Alan Wake should be a helluva game if it ends up delivering on the devs/previews claims.


Xbox Street Gang3334d ago

I guess developing for a lesser system has its advantages...

baum3334d ago

"At least one developer dares to openly speak about cons of developing to PS3 "

This is not the first time it happens. Ask John Carmack, he'll tell you that the PS3 packs more raw-power but it is a nightmare to develop for which is why he prefers Xbox 360. Did you forget Valve? Gabe Newell said the PS3 is a waste of time, that they are not PS3 devs, and that they don't know if they'll ever let someone port Left 4 Dead to PS3 (among other games). Itagaki also said he thought the Xbox 360 was better than the PS3. When the PS3 was barely released a lot of devs were complaining.

It seems that trolls have a short memory, though.

ChampIDC3334d ago

Some people are just too blinded by fanboyism to realize the truth. It has indeed been known for a long time that the PS3 is rough to develop for. Carmack pretty much said it perfectly.

edhe3334d ago

Witness the ps2, browser games, mobile phone games...

GVON3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

so the dof effects on the pc trailer were added after?thats what impressed me most about the trailer,seeing as it's everywhere I hope they can add the full effect in the game.

also that the screens are 1080p and shrunk to 720p to give it a sharper look,would worry me a little that it will have a fair few jaggies,either way been waiting for this since 06 and add that to the Ps3 exclusives this year and 09 is looking good

Kleptic3334d ago

don't leave out the other side of what Carmack said though...and stop using the term 'hard'...that makes it sound like these developers are not talented enough to work on the PS3...which is simply not the case...

its entirely money...when iD said the ps3 was 'difficult'...they were pointing directly at costs...and that parallel processing is an insanely expensive and time consuming practice; however agree that it is the future of game rendering...

and Carmack then went on about Rage...and how the 360 literally held the other versions back...because of DVD...where as the PS3 and PC will have better environmental texture detail because of higher amounts of space...where as the 360 will not...

support whatever side of that argument you want...Alan Wake looks great, and this was a great read...i am a little torn on the fact that 4 years of development and the DOF has to be rendered offline still...doesn't really say much for this being the end all be all of graphics that some fanboys make it sound...and this also confirms that everything shown so far was on a powerful PC (and even that isn't rendering the depth of field effects yet)...but there is plenty of time to remedy that...see what I did there?...

Dareaver13334d ago

PC uses DVD also, it's about MS and their fees for multiple disks. They want MS to either drop the fee or reduce it significantly.... That's why the spoke up about that issue.

power of Green 3334d ago

Not in this case they have said fighting the lesser console is not worth it and will handi-capp the two stronger platforms versions.

"Is Alan Wake exclusive to Windows Vista? If so why? #

Petri Järvilehto had this to say on the official Alan Wake forums (18/05/06):

“I’ll confirm that Alan Wake is Vista and 360 exclusive. I know some people have reacted strongly to that, but for us this was one of the key decisions that will allow us to create the best possible game.

We’ve locked this down a while ago, and being able to focus on fewer platforms means that the game is going to kick more ass than ever before. By going with Vista, we don’t have to compromise everything to the lowest common PC denominator and since we’re not doing a PS3 version we can go all out with PC and 360 multithreading, HDR rendering etc. This focus benefits the tech and game design immensely"

I'm surpized you got so many agree's although most people on this site are some what ignorant about the things they talk about.

Sarcasm3334d ago

It's a good thing they didn't make this game multiplatform. At least they can just focus on one console and polish up the story/gameplay instead of just graphics. And those stiff animations still need some work. But the story is so damn interesting I don't care about the graphics.

baum3334d ago

You spout that PS3 is the lesser machine even though Carmack and many other devs have stated the contrary. Are you a developer, POG? Probably not.

Funny that you take the words of a game developer that's making a 360 exclusive as gospel but not the words of multiplatform developers. It is true that you can use multi-threading on 360 and PC, moreso than on PS3 since it only has a single PPU. However, the SPEs are even better for multi-threaded code, you can run more threads on the PS3 CPU (2 on PPU + 6 on SPEs) than on 360 (4 on 2 PPUs, and 1 on another PPU since the remaining thread is running the OS, just like on PS3) so that point is rendered moot. The only problem is that they have to re-work the code for the SPEs as they are highly streamlined but very capable processors; in fact, they are the ones doing most of the heavy lifting on the PS3. But again, the only problem here is time and money, as Carmack stated. That's why PS3 exclusives outshine 360 exclusives and multiplatform games.

Oh, and please make me laugh even more about quoting this guy on HDR being possible on PC and 360 (as opposed to not on PS3). There are many fine examples of HDR on PS3, including Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, and Killzone 2. Hell, even the RSX, which is not as cutting edge as other parts of the PS3, is capable of doing HDR. The graphics on the first motorstorm use only the RSX, and the graphics on heavenly sword heavily rely on code optimized for the RSX. The cell is barely used on it.

You can go back to your cave now.

power of Green 3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

I get dissagrees?

PS3 is more powerful than the PC?

They wen't ahead and skipped PS3 because it was more capable than the 360?

Alan Wake is immersive and has a photo real color palette why would they wan't hardware limitaions of pastel colors? just to start out with, nevermind the video card, GPU, memory jibba jabba.

*Kleptic* lieing his ass off lol. That carmack crap had to do with MSFT's production fees for extra discs(and no HDD use for games). That issue JC was talking about had to do with the compression effecting detail in shadows. lol

"We haven't solved all the compression issues yet. We're close to it. The PS3 streams things slower than the 360, so by the time we ship, there may be the case where getting things off the disk faster may ultimately look better. Until we are really done, and until we can get a reporter to come to id for a 'first look,' it's really difficult to predict, because DVD streaming may play a factor."

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The Judderman3334d ago

Yeah, basically it was a better deal for them to go with M.Soft. Im so looking forward to Alan Wake it just sounds fantastic.

thor3334d ago

One has to wonder if it's a better deal to go with MS BECAUSE they are willing to publish on PC as well. I don't think, with Sony as a publisher, that they would be so willing to do that. MS seem to advertise the games a lot better as well - so it's not too hard to see why some developers like the idea of being published by MS over Sony.

edhe3334d ago

I'd have to agree about MS's advertising. On the telly these days it's all about the 360.

SCThor3334d ago

This hame looks good, I'll get to play it how is intended to be played,no HDD restrictions.

evrfighter3334d ago

It doesn't cost anything to publish on PC. If Sony wanted to make a ps3 exclusive and port it to PC they wouldn't have to go through M$ to do it. Unless they wanted to slap a Games For Windows logo on it.

Rhoic3334d ago

They would have to slap "Games For Windows" on it if it ran on Windows lolz.

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THC CELL3334d ago

i think this game will do a bioshock and come to ps3

Hiruma Youchi3334d ago

believe me it wont. This got MGS(not metal gear solid) Microsoft Game studio on it .

N4PS3G3334d ago

lol can someone disagree with a fact? This game is founded by Microsoft

austere3334d ago

^ cuz this is a PS3 fanboy site. He stated a fact about MS. He gets disagrees. Alan Wake is the best looking game coming out, PS3 fanboys can't handle it.

Heavy Rain looks like a*s compared to Alan Wake. WOOOOOOOOOO

thewhoopimen3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

You've got to be joking... You're pseudonym implies exactly what I think Alan Wake's game enviornment will be like... with only dvd space to work with to cover 36 square miles.

Dark General3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

It's not the best looking game coming out since:

1: We don't know when it's coming out
2: We don't know what else is coming out

Just saying. Don't get ahead of yourself. Besides i don't want this game because of the visuals. No. The premise of a sort of psychological thriller with heavy emphasis on story and probably a slew of other things not yet announced is what is making this very interesting. This and Heavy Rain or 2 of the top 4 games i'm looking forward to this year (if A. Wake comes out this year).

edit: Forgot a (important) word.

RememberThe3573334d ago

But it is not the best looking game coming out.

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The Judderman3334d ago

Its published by Microsoft who basically are funding there development. As nice as it would be for it to come to Ps3 its never going to happen. Sorry.

MGOelite3334d ago

LA. NOIR is being funded by sony and yet there is a CHANCE its going multiplat

Heaven_Or_Hell3334d ago

Sony has stopped funding L.A Noire

SuperM3334d ago

There is no way this game will come the PS3. But it doesnt matter, you can get the superior version on PC :)

thenickel3334d ago

Yes the PC version will always look better, but MS will end up getting your money regardless of what you get it on.

No Way3334d ago

Prolly not, SuperM will prolly download it illegally.

Narutone663334d ago

download any 360 games off torrent sites.

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pp3334d ago

Wasn't the droids saying Xbox360 has reached it's limit and can't be pushed further WELL Alan Wake say's Otherwise you bunch of f*ckun losers. Alan Wake Sh*t's all over Heavy rain and the Cell Processor.

Xbox Street Gang3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

Probably the PC version also. Look like PS2 animations. haha

MGOelite3334d ago

no we wasnt saying the 360 had reached its limits, developers them selves say it:

even devs are saying the 360 is maxed out, whereas killzone 2 is using only 60% of the ps3, imagine what 100% will be like

Xbox Street Gang3334d ago

If this game doesn't look better than KZ2, then we can call the 360 maxed out. How long was this game in development? Oh yeah, 4 years.

N4PS3G3334d ago


Read those articles... the Red Faction games developer talks about how they maxed the xbox 360 ram usage and thats why they can't even put a single thing more..for you info ..both system have the same amount of ram

LeonSKennedy4Life3334d ago

The PS3 has slightly less RAM.

However, the Cell processor does the calculations that most programmers leave to the RAM. That's not smart when working with a system designed around the processor. That's why 360/PC games don't translate well to the PS3.

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