Why MGS4's Release is 2008's Most Defining Event writes: "Commemorating 10 years of a predominantly Sony-exclusive franchise, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots wasn't just a new update for the franchise. Not that an MGS game wasn't hyped or hadn't excelled critically and commercially, however, in terms of advertising, content and production values, MGS4 tops them all.

"Some may disagree with this being labeled the defining event of 2008, but there is simply too much significance attached to the game's release. Ten years of Metal Gear Solid coming full circle. One of the few exclusives to PS3. The game that sold more PS3s than even Grand Theft Auto IV."

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Megaton3362d ago

I think it was pretty important. Whether they make another Metal Gear game or not, they wrapped up the story of Solid Snake, and damn near every other character in the series. It's not often that you see a series as old and as complex as Metal Gear come to a real conclusion.

Guitarded3362d ago

The overly complex story is one of the reasons many don't like the series. The graphics have always been superb, the way the story is told has always been interesting and different. MGS4 took both of these to new levels, but the story itself is to long and full of wild, possibly drug induced, Metal Gear stupidity. It took something away from the gameplay for many. I do hope that developers will "borrow" some of the series production values. Just on shorter more coherent stories with more gameplay than story.

PotNoodle3362d ago

The convoluted story is what made MGS, i don't think many fans would have it any other way.

Guitarded3362d ago

There are a lot of fans too. I can appreciate the fan service. I like the idea that Kojima? is looking at western development, though that may upset some of his fans.

PotNoodle3362d ago

His games have always been more western than your typical japanese game, sure in the older games you can tell it is a game made by a japanese developer and even in MGS4, but they have usually been more western friendly than your average japanese game.

FantasyStar3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

They were disappointed by MGS4's shoddy plot devices: nanomachines? c'mon. And the PowerPoint styled cut-scenes isn't MGS-esque: which is weird. MGS4 wrote itself into a huge hole mainly because of MGS2. There's a clear controversy as to whether MGS4 really did deliver in the story: SPOILERS BELOW(oh like it matters now...)

-BnB Unit felt "tacked on" -never really carried their own weight in the story.
-Liquid Ocelot (MGS2 Retcon)
-Big Mama's involvement in MGS4 was too short.(given her biggest role)
-Rosemary was effin' useless outside of "how do I stop sucking speeches"
-Lack of Codec Conversations(especially funny ones that defines the MGS series)
-Cam Clarke didn't return as Liquid. (Zimmerman, you were very good: but nothing can replace that fake, but sexy "british accent".

If you check various message boards: you'll see a clear line between people whom loved MGS3 more than MGS4. MGS4 as a whole is great and really out-did itself: but to the undying MGS fans of 10 years ago: it's hard to really accept this wonderful disaster as the masterpiece that Kojima is known for.

PirateThom3362d ago

I'm a fan of the series and I thought MGS4 was fantastic.

What now?

Megaton3362d ago

@1.6: Ditto.

I may not have played the originals until MGS3: Subsistence, but the first time I got my hands on the original Metal Gear Solid at launch, I was hooked. I love the series, and I really loved MGS4. Sure, there are things I would have changed, but the game still totally delivered way past my expectations.

Cerberus_Hunter3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

"The fans
They were disappointed by MGS4's shoddy plot devices:" And by that you mean yourself right?

-BnB Unit felt "tacked on" -never really carried their own weight in the story.

They where there to basically slow Snake down. Everything doesn't have to be story heavy to be important.

-Liquid Ocelot (MGS2 Retcon)


-Big Mama's involvement in MGS4 was too short.(given her biggest role)
I'm glad for that actually...

-Rosemary was effin' useless outside of "how do I stop sucking speeches"
She was never useful...even in MGS2. Rosemary was more of a a distraction for Raiden.

-Lack of Codec Conversations(especially funny ones that defines the MGS series)
I agree but MGS4 is what 10 years after MGS2? Did you really think everything would be the same after 10 years??? or is that you didn't notice Otacon talking on the background?

-Cam Clarke didn't return as Liquid. (Zimmerman, you were very good: but nothing can replace that fake, but sexy "british accent".

Go play the game again to find why is that...

HDgamer3362d ago

A lot of people such as myself have been long time fans of Kojima's games. This game wasn't a disappointment. The fans of metal gear online and old vets from the mgs3: susbsistence online will agree. People aren't turned off by it, actually the newcomers are more turned off. Check out gamefaqs where most of the vets and fans hang out. I think you're one of the few who didn't like his games. As for everyone else, they love this game. The online is very strong.

Keowrath3362d ago

I absolutely adored MGS4 but agree with every single point you made. I would personally place MGS4 as my game of the year but I prefer MGS3 exactly because of the points you bring up.


The BnB on their own were fine but when you compare them to the previous bosses they paled in comparison. All they had in explanation was a simple few lines from Drebin. They needed work. That being said they're still extremely enjoyable bosses just not quite up to previous standards.

Liquid Ocelot, I hated the whole brain washing idea into thinking he was liquid. They had to think something up and I'm not really what they could have done to improve on the brain washing idea.

Yup, Big Mama needed to play a bigger part. You only just get to meet her before she's gone. I think this helps to make her death all the more tragic though.

Rosemary was effin useless... Agreed but in her previous game she was effin annoying so I didn't really have a problem there.

Lack of Codec, this one definitely. 3 had some amazing conversations, some were hysterical, I loved the crocodile convo. 4 didn't really give us anyone to call.

Cam Clarke, yeah liquid wasn't the same without him but it was Liquid Ocelot, not liquid snake! (clutching at straws) Zimmerman did do a great job but it would have been nice for Cam Clarke to return.

That being said I enjoyed the game immensely, the final battle was epic and the chance to control Rex one last time was incredible! The return to Shadow moses was great but could have done with some more areas/enemies.

And yes I played through the game to get the boss emblem =)

thor3361d ago

The story of MGS is not a particularly convoluted one. It's just that they lie to you a lot. Remember in MGS2? The colonel lying to you the whole time? They use the exact same themes in MGS4; deception. If you took out all the lies you'd be left with a much less complicated plot. I think that many people don't understand it because there are all these lies going around that they take as truth. The "wisemen's committee" is a good example of this. It was clear by the end of MGS2 (to me at least) that the wisemen's committee was simply the network of AIs you'd been talking to. But people claimed that the wisemen's committee was actually a group of 12 people, because they'd been lied to in the game.

Liquid Ocelot was a U-turn on an already established plot point. They probably felt a bit stupid for having introduced liquid's arm that changes Ocelot into Liquid, so they simply pretended it never happened. The moment of revelation when we found out that Liquid had Ocelot's motives all along was not made clear enough, and a lot of supernatural elements are eschewed in favour of technology - nanomachines are used to explain too much. Foxdie was always meant to be nanomachines, but I'd have liked to have seen Vamp's superhuman abilities explained in a supernatural way. Some things should have been left open, as well, as they are in all good books and films.

The fundamental problem, of course, is that MGS2 was intended to be the last game in the Solid Snake storyline, or so I have heard. They certainly didn't plan out the plot when they created the game. The plot for the first 2 Metal Gears wasn't exactly as rich and convoluted as those of the later games, and I can't think that they themselves knew what the cause of everything was at that point, who the Patriots were etc.

Homicide3361d ago

I agree fantasystar. MGS4 was pretty disappointing. It didn't take itself seriously.

man0fsteel3361d ago

I thought that the revelation of nanomachines in the MGS series were equivalent to finding out that the midichlorins were the source of a jedi's/Sith's Force power in Star Wars Episode 1. It gave a higher purpose and understanding to the story and underlying explanation as to why things happened the way it did. I really thought the whole concept was awesome.

SL1M DADDY3361d ago

Just needed to post up and say...

I could not disagree more with your statememtn. MGS4 was and will always be the best of the series for me. MGS1, then 3 follow as close seconds.

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Hellsvacancy3362d ago

because Mgs4 is a defining game - its SUPERB!!!

earwax3362d ago

The best CARTOON I ever watched.

CrazzyMan3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )


MGS4 is a GAME of the DECADE.

Rhoic3361d ago

You know.. considering it outsold the biggest release of all time, Halo 3? >_>

This is almost just fanboy nonsense.

theEnemy3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Gamespot's reason on why they chose MGS4 as their GotY of 2008.

Totally agree.

liquidsnake3362d ago

Hahaha it almost looks like the guy with the glasses are about to cry at the end of the video. No shame though, I did it myself when Snake was frying.

ape0073362d ago

mgs 4 is indeed one of the best games in 2008

mgs 3 was better imo

mgs 4 must buy

Bigbangbing3362d ago

Playing as Big Boss ... is Like No Other.


Idree3362d ago

True, MGS3 was better.

But MGS4 was more defining as the article explains xD.

I loved both games equally :)

Cept Naked Snake is so much more badass :P

liquidsnake3362d ago

Well mine is still MGS1 and after that MGS2/3/4 (Sorry can't rate them, they are equally good)

Rikitatsu3362d ago

I agree :(

While MGS1 was the best in the series, I still prefer MGS3 over 2 and 4!

BTW you're a Mod in Rival's soul ? xD

I remember seeing your name there.

Bigbangbing3362d ago


Yes , i was a Mod in Rival's soul ..

Now i'm True Gamer in TG Only :P

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The Judderman3362d ago

MGS4 was probably the Ps3's best release for 08 i would agree. It really rounded off the saga to a good conclusion. As good as it is i hope that Konami don't make another sequel to it as it could ruin what made number 4 so great. The story is complete, leave it there and make something else. I mean it would be like making another Star Wars movie with Luke Skywalker. Somethings should be left on a high note before they get milked.

PotNoodle3362d ago

Since the solid saga has ended, unless they make a prequel. Even still, i wouldn't be worried, kojima would be writing the story, scripts etc.

He said he would be involved in future metal gears, just not taking a direct position in the team.