Apple vs. Sony: Why PSP is Better Than iPhone

The Sony PSP and Apple's iPhone are great little devices, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Apple is starting to tout the gaming capabilities of its portable device, and although there is no direct competition between the two, people are beginning to question the need for a dedicated portable gaming device.

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N4PS3G3482d ago

Well a gaming device..psp is better..the iphone was not intended for this ..and still..its getting some great games like Metal Gear Solid and Bioshock and the graphics are impressive.. so they have a looong way to go ...soo ..why the psp is better as a gaming machine should be the thread title ... but when the PSP starts taking pics,making phone calls,showing me the road when i'm lost,making a fast an easy to use internet browser with 3g internet speed..etc ..then the psp will be a better overall device

Rock Bottom3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

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ceesiebo3482d ago

The PSP can take pictures (with the go-cam) and be used as a GPS (with go-explore) and can also be used as a phone (with skype). With the go-cam you can also voice-chat with the use of the camera (like msn). And as a gaming device it's very good. So the features are already there. I also like the buttons and joystick when gaming which are missing on the iphone.

Browsing pages on the IPhone is revolutionary though. And also the connection with itunes and the applestore is good. It would be nice when the PSP got a sort of Itunes store. The PSP-store now only has a few games in it.

Caxtus7503482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

you are kidding right?

Have you used an iphone?

I have both and by far the best is the iPhone. Fun and innovative games, the amazing Google service which allows you to call any numbers from the google business directory, all the fantastic apps.

A psp is good for games, but cant they cant easily be stored on the memory. Who carries physical media around with them nowadays? Sure it has bolt ons, but they look ridiculous and the web browser is no where near as the intuitive zoom feature of the iPhone.

And the PSP has out of your friends uses skype? and where is the SMS feature?

iPhone wins hands down as a portable media device in my opinion.

I do have to agree with "Rock Bottom" though. They shouldnt be compared. You wouldn't compare a CD Walkman with an Ipod after all would you? One winds hand down... OUCH! I went there...:D

moses3482d ago

I bought a PSP first day of launch, and I admit, it was pretty fun the first year or so. Then I pretty much had no more use for it, it really was a waste of 250$ at the time. I later got a Ipod touch as a present, and the article is a bunch of crap, I have over 1000 NES games on my Ipod.

Yeah you know, disregard the fact that the fact that the Iphone's processor is twice the clock speed of the PSP's.
Disregard the fact that the Iphone has four times are much ram as the PSP.
And Then go and disregard the fact that the Iphone isn't even supposed to be a gaming device or console.

If you ask me, the PSP was a pretty big failure, regardless of how much it sold, the equipment its self was just never up to snuff. But that's all my opinion, and people have theirs, so here come the disagrees.

ceesiebo3482d ago

True, IPhone and PSP have a completely different purpose. By the way, none of my friends use skype :-). I use my IPhone for calling buddies. I also own both so I think can make a good comparison. The IPhone certainly is an amazing peace of hardware, but it also has it's flaws. It can't MMS (I couldn't find the function, that might not be the same :-), it can't make small movies, only pictures and it can't play flash-movies. But comparing the browserfunctions between the two is an easy win for the IPhone. That's the reason I bought it in the first place. I got tired of Windows mobile on my QTek.

Anyway, comparing the two is difficult but I wouldn't call it a fail because at a number of points they do the same thing (especially gaming).

Caxtus7503482d ago

Yeah you're right about the MMS feature. There is no way of sending them as of yet. May come in a firmware update but I guess it is unlikely. I also find the PSP slightly too big to put in your pocket.

ceesiebo3482d ago

Yeah, I agree it's too big for the pocket. The IPhone fits perfectly. I'm also a big fan of the touchscreen. I'm so glad I don't have to use a stylus anymore.

I also hope that a good navigationprogram will come for the IPhone. The PSP has Go-Explore and that's a very good navigationprogram. But the IPhone only has Google-maps.

Kaneda3482d ago

But I use my iphone more than my PSP, only time I use my PSP is when I am taking dump. :) web browsing is much better on the iphone. PSP web browsing is useless!

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pp3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Sony: Why PSP is Better Than iPhone Well of course it is better i can downlooad all the psp game's from torrents. Why pay sony when you can get them for FREE.

Also psp is easy to hack.

GiantEnemyLobster3482d ago

Games on the PSP are utter garbage.

TruthBTold3482d ago

are used for making phone calls or listening to music first. Sure you can play video games but we've been able to play video games on our cell phones for years now but its not the same as a gaming portable device like the PSP or DS. I only use my iTouch for music since even using it for the internet is kinda dull compared to a computer. Screen is too small to read and when you do a close up your space is limited. The PSP is more of a portable entertainment device. You can listen to music, watch movies, and play video games. Even the controlers are better. No competition imo.

mastiffchild3482d ago

The memeory issue makes the i-Phone useless as a gaming device for me. I already have my game save on one 16G stick and music on another for PSP and since I overclocked it my games all run smooth as butter. Conversely my i-Phone sucks power and dies on me if I do anything other than get calls, do texts or listen to tunes-it isn't a gaming answer if you really like games-hell I prefer my DS for games and cannot bear using touchscreen joypads in picture on the i-Phone, it just doesn't work even if the gfx can be great.
Apple have a lot to do to break this market, and I expect them to try but they won't do it with the current machine.


Not only that.I am %100 sure the iphone or i touch can not do the psp graphics.

N4PS3G3482d ago

I'm not sure about that ...maybe the game is using pre rendered backgrounds..dunno..but Metal Gear Solid Touch looks better than all most any game i've seen on the psp

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