How to overclock your Sony PSP

OCMod writes: "I don't need to spell out for you what it means that the most powerful handheld gaming device is factory underclocked.

The chip in your PSP was designed to run faster than it does out of the box. By default, the CPU runs at 222Mhz, but the MIPS R4000 processor was designed to run at 333Mhz with a 166Mhz bus."

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AstroZombie13514d ago

I wonder if i was the first person that went 0_0 when they saw this, anyway sounds cool.

bigshynepo3514d ago

We knew years ago that the PSP was underclocked to 222mhz... That's why some of the the first custom firmware gave the option to boost the CPU speed to 333 mhz (and higher). It provides a drastic increase in game speed for homebrew but I don't believe it really affects UMD games at all...I could be mistaken on this last part tho.

If you have a PSP without custom firmware, you've been missing out. The homebrew scene with the PSP is one of the most dedicated and successful scenes out there. I can't imagine my PSP without CFW, to think I wouldn't be able to carry around Zelda: Link to the Past with me.... ^_^

Jonray3514d ago

its very useful, i can use my psp for many things such as a universal remote... also if u go itno a sonystore and run that app. it sends a continuous signal to turn of all the same tvs so bascially u cud just point to it and turn off all the tvs :P!!!!
but i knew how to do this before and this is used for some apps such as running mac os 7 or smtin.

tonynibbles3514d ago

Is this article like 4 years old or something?

So out of date. Developers can choose to use 333Mhz in their code if they wish, as it uses more battery power.

Dark_Vendetta3514d ago

Actually God of War used 333mhz, so this article has to be really old

BIGELLOW3514d ago

...that the CPU speed was boosted for God of War. The point the article is making is that this is something that is up to each developer to implement. If, however, you want your PSP to run faster for games which the developer did not choose this route, you can use the custom firmware to over-clock it yourself.

It is a bit dated, though, as this is something that has been possible for quite a while. Nonetheless, I think the article is trying to bring attention to it for those who haven't jumped on the custom firmware bandwagon yet.

jkoz3514d ago

A bit dated? This is extremely dated. They make it sound like this is a new thing. It does have some good information but in addition to seeing an article about this topic in 2009, and the fact that they called it "Bios 3.5", I'm inclined to deem this less than relevant.

Strife Lives3514d ago

On custom firmware,ur battery power running emulators drop faster.its up to the dev,but theres a reason it was underclockd

FantasyStar3514d ago

Bandoiler battery packs FTW?