Improved PSP gets even cooler new features

Review Journal writes: "If this sounds like my love letter to the PSP, it mostly is. The PSP is kind of like the iPhone, but with far superior gaming and video, and no mobile phone service and no touchscreen.

Yet, there's scant pop culture buzz for the PSP, which surprises me constantly. Everyone talks about the Wii, "Rock Band" and the Xbox 360, while parents of little kids know all about Nintendo's hand-held DS."

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gamesmaster3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

good news for the psp, i love mine i have a touch too but psp has the games, lets wait for psp is dead articles to roll in. seems like they've calmed down on the ps3.

Merritt3360d ago

I Like this guy...He gave props to Frontlines: Fuel of War. It was my favorite online shooter for last year...after all the patches.

mastiffchild3360d ago

I get loads of use out of both handhelds. I wish there was more you could do with Remote Play as it's a really great idea(maybe some good downloads of PS2 games with control ops for PSP added-just a thought, I'd love a way to play,say, Ico or SoTC from a hotspot)but many people just don't know what either the DS or PSP can really do while PSP needs more 3rd party love. Use mine, love mine and the more features the better.

dgroundwater3360d ago

I've thought about getting one for a while. $200 is a fair deal, and there are finally a bunch of good games too. I just hope they make FF VII available someday!

Daishi3360d ago

You can put it on your PSP with some slight modifications if you already own FF VII on PS1. Really you can do that with any old PSone game that you legally own. Sure you can do it with a whole lot more but I personally like to do things legally myself.

firetaw3360d ago

i often show them movies on my psp since i dont realy have the time to play games on it. and they often tell me "wow that's a realy clear image, i cant beleve it."

and i often beleve the psp is the ps3's newborn child with all the interaction they have between eachother. not only with remote play but with the UI and the ability to store music and photos on the psp memorie stick. and the black piano finish gives that extra ressemblance to go.

at the end of the day, when i show a ps3 owner what the psp can do. they often tell me " wow im defenitly picking one up now." and even for non-ps3 owners. people who own 360's or just people who are often on the go who loves movies will eventualy pick one up they say.

when it came to movies people were confused with the psp thinking you can only play movies from the umd, and maybe its sonys fault for not advertising there product enought on the features and abilities of both machines.

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The story is too old to be commented.