Gamers to abandon Wii for Xbox 360, PS3 in 2009

When the Nintendo Wii was first launched back in November 2006, gamers went mad trying to get their hands on the latest games console from the Japanese company. Nintendo did not want to go down the same route as the Xbox 360; they wanted a console that the whole family could get involved with.

Many thought that when the Sony PS3 was launched it would affect the sales of the Wii, but that was not the case. Serious gamers even wanted to have a go with the Wii, and when Wii Fit was launched, the games console left its rivals behind.

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The Judderman3399d ago

I very much doubt sales of the Wii will slow as its not real gamers who are buying it, its old folks and kiddies. As long as theres people who would rather waggle there stick to wii sports than hold a joypad on Killzone or gears the Wii will continue to sell.

MAR-TYR-DOM3399d ago

"Gamers to abandon Wii for Xbox 360, PS3 in 2009"

GAMERS! How many wii owners are hardcore "gamers"? Not many, the few that are already have a ps3 or 360.

N4g_null3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Man this is weird...You know what I mean.... How that word gamer has changed.
So you don't play games like this any more right?
Rogue Trooper
Phantom Brave Wii
Spawn Smasher
Steel battalion prank or not that would be sick!
No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Capcom VS Tatsunoko
Sin and Punishment 2
Monster Hunter 3
Cosmic Walker
Another Code R / Trace Memory R
Dragon Quest X
Arc Rise Fantasia
A dragon quest yes the next one is coming to the Wii...
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers
Rune Factory Frontier
Little King's Story
Dynamic Slash
Ougon no Kizuna
Tenchu 4: Shadow Assassins
Fatal Frame 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclips
The calling
The Conduit
The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces
GPmoto is even looking good.

I know I know you have not even seen most of those games. Well it's because you guys are just shutting your eyes or you are trying to bad mouth the Wii because you can't get one. It doesn't really make sense to hate the Wii any longer... All of my games in 09 will be 3rd party games minus Wii resort and some VC games.

I mean It must be cool in school to not like the Wii because your parents play it huh? It must not be cool to live in a house because your parents live there also? For the older guys go buy a PC you are not console gamers wake up the I7 is out go and get one it's fun!

So what is coming out for the HD systems? I mean a few companies just shut down because of these systems... reminds me of the PC, those gamers where so fickle they killed their own system, crazy huh? Software pirates my aZZ!

Hey that's not even the full list of games coming either... more are on the way. In about 2 months most of you will need a Wii... the spring flood is coming.... PS style... Dragon quest just signed up.... it's over guys nintendo won, don't hate congratulate. I love the 360 too and blue rays look great on my TV.

Oyeah props to smacktard for the list. So what is coming out on the HD systems? I want to be excited! I got money I can help! I want to get an HD system but I can't seem to find any games I want to play or at least some thing that will not play better on my PC?

Hell I got a Wii because these will never come to the PC. If you are a hardcore game this should make sense but most of you guys are new comers, you guys missed out on the big party that was the 16 bit age.

Mahr3399d ago

Steel Battalion is not actually coming to the Wii; that was a prank.

Smacktard3399d ago

Real hardcore gamers (IE the ones who don't only play shootan games and can get a kick out of pretty much any well-made game) wouldn't abandon the Wii when its best year is approaching. With so many amazing third-party titles coming out for it, why would you abandon it for a multi-platform game playin' machine or a console with very few good games? I guess it makes sense if you only pay attention to hype.

aiphanes3399d ago

The wii has the worst software line up in 2008 and 2009....the ps3 and xbox 360 had the best 2008 lineup...with the ps3 so far having the best 2009 lineup...

The wii will not die...but it will not have good wii in collecting dust too...

mastiffchild3399d ago

No, the Wii will have a much better year. Do not bet against the new Zelda cming out Nvember/december either and tbh third party devs have got some good titles coming for gamers. Madworld, Conduit, Red Steel2(I know the first one sux but Ubi are really throwing cash at this and will get it right.Motion Plus will help IMO), Fatal Frame 4(looks great), Cursed Mountain, Pikmin3, S&P2(as hardcore an arcade experience as you will find anywhere this year), Play on Wii range(I realise they're old games but I relish the chance to play MP1 and 2 with MP3 controls and hopefully a Hunters style multi player), Deadly Creatures, Muramassa, Punchout!! and several others from both Ninty and thirds.
I'm not sayng I'll play more Wii than PS3(I definitely won't and Killzone2, GOW3 and the exclusives on PS3 are still strongest of all)but , certainly, there are moves towards better games on the Wii(people have learned from the great jobs of the Okami port and NMH that games can be great for third paties on Wii)and as a second console for real gamers it still makes sense. I rate SMG as highly as Ratchet and Clank this gen and enjoyed MP3 as much as any game of 2007(including COD4 offline at least)so I truly feel there's room for the Wii below my 42" plassy and this year looks way better than last for when I fancy a change from my PS3 sessions.

ChickeyCantor3399d ago

The Quality of games on Wii are growing.
And since the audience is getting bigger expect sh/tloads of developers jumping ship.
Yeah it will have shovelware, but also loads of "core" games.

But even then i guess you would be crying about them not being "true-next-gen"(and may i say such pethetic words they are)

Mr Fancy Pants3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Sidar: "The Quality of games on Wii are growing."

Wow man, you're living in total denial. =0
Keep enjoying your Animal Crossing and shut-up please.

Mahr3399d ago

"Keep enjoying your Animal Crossing and shut-up please."

Shooters, beat 'em ups, and RPGs are interchangeable with sim games? Your point is silly and worthless.

ChickeyCantor3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

@fancy pants,
animal crossing.
While the fact is that its a first party title, while third party developers are delivering this time around.
And i don't even have that game

You STFU ok? thanks.
Not able to see all the other games is just sad, you my friend are in denial.

Sev3399d ago

@ mastiffchild,

You cannot be much older than say 15 or so.

Because if you were older, then you would be old enough to remember that Twilight Princess was delayed close to 3 years, from it's original projected release date.

So if you truly think that a Zelda game is coming this year, you just don't know Nintendo.

@ the Wii lovers out there.

I see you so-called "hardcore gamer/wii owners" saying that the wii has quality games. Keep telling yourself that to justify your purchase. I own a Wii, and I gave it an honest chance. I even enjoyed it a lot at first. Super Mario Galaxy was excellent. Then everything sucked from there on out.

The Wii is a fad, and since it's a fad, developers know that it's hot right now, so they are going to produce as many sub-par games for it as possible. Why put all the time and money into a GREAT game when the fad will eventually die, and they are making money just fine with crappy games.

Smacktard3399d ago

I just don't understand how anyone can think that the Wii's 2009 line-up is poor. Perhaps they haven't seen this list:

And anyone that thinks it's poor after seeing that list is in denial.

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DragonWarrior465343399d ago

The Wii's best games came out already. Im sorry, but how can anyone say other wise when Nintendo isn't releasing any 1st party games this year? Also, don't hype the games on the Wii. They are nothing compared to what the true next gen consoles have software wise. Ive had 2 wii's. Sold one for a psp, and the second because it just got boring. I hope the next console will be in HD and have good online capabilities. That would be funny if Nintendo made a better system the the ps3.

ChickeyCantor3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

It's not releasing first party titles?
You missed some news then, the problem is that they don't release info on them including release dates.
But some games were clearly pointed out.

" Also, don't hype the games on the Wii. They are nothing compared to what the true next gen consoles have software wise"

Ah, another case of IT CAN BE FUN BUT F*CK IT, great just great.

Captain_Sony3399d ago

The already make a better system than PS3. Its called Wii. Sales prove it on every front. PS3 is the least used console and the original xbox gets more play time than it does..Nobody buys PS3 games thats why they are all commercial flops.

Parapraxis3399d ago

.....really? you really believe that huh?

solsub3399d ago

You have re-defined ignorance. Congratulations.

resistance1003399d ago


How are you in the Gamer Zone again?

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Game Whisper3399d ago

i personally don't see the wii having a bad year in 09. in fact, i see a great lineup already

the conduit
disaster day of crises
house of the dead overkill
maybe a new zelda title?

anything may happen and besides, i've seen plenty of articles of how sony will cancel the ps3 and/or a whole bunch of other stuff of simular nature. its all bull****. these articles are all written by fan-boy writers who are only trying to damage the reputation of consoles they hate because it might damage THEIR fav consoles reputation.

thats a fact

ChickeyCantor3399d ago

Most of this crap is wishful thinking.
And another funny fact is that lots of Wii owners already have a Ps3 or 360.
So there is a bigger chance they will be getting games like madworld or the conduit, Pikmin3?, punch out? so on and on.

There was already one submitted like this one, i guess it's hate Wii week.

bozemanriverrat3399d ago

@ sidar

The posting of this article is a complete troll. The article is just a link to a web posting that's already in the top 3 stories here at N4G. It offers no new opinions or reasons, its just "here's a guy who thinks we should abandon the Wii....LINK," then the same article already posted.

And if you think all "true, hardcore gamers" should abandon the Wii, then put up, or shut up. Until I see the aftermarket, E-bay prices on Wii free fall due to "real gamers" selling their "kiddie, casual" Wiis for about $100, I'm going to assume all you trolls are just trying to increase your net cred in between fishing trips with your Wii friends in Animal Crossing.

Stop the hyperbole and get it right. There's a f*ckload of great games across every platform in 2009. Being multi-platform FTW!!!

ChickeyCantor3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Wait wait wait why did you snap at me?
I never said gamers should abandon the Wii.

bozemanriverrat3399d ago

That wasn't directed at you. That was for all the others in this thread.

For you, I was responding to the "this article is like all the others." This article isn't "like" all the others. Its THE EXACT SAME ARTICLE.

Sorry for the confusion. I'm on your side of this whole "Abandon Wii" thing going around.

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Sez 3399d ago

these guys need to stop. no ones abandoning the wii. if that was the case wii would have stop selling along time ago. the wii appeals to people that have never played games before or have a hardtime memorizing buttons. it's not about the graphics or the blu-ray drive or any game coming out on the ps3,360. again if that was the case ps3/360 would be selling way more than what the wii hasbeen putting out. i think all these people that are writing about people abandoning the wii. is wishful thinking because their favorite system is doing as great as it should be doing.(360/ps3)

Sez 3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

i love disagrees. especially when that phatom person doesn't have a rebuttal to counter my point. love those phaton idiots. i mean phatom disagreers

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