PC Delivers the Real Women of Video Games

Stephanie Flint of Gotgame writes: "Being of the female species myself, I find it hard to ignore the many discrepancies between mine and the bodies of the female characters in the video games I play. I'm not just talking physics-defying waistlines and breasts that make Pamela Anderson consider a training bra. I'm talking about the body parts whose illustration seems like it would be second nature to create.

The most interesting part of this discrepancy, I have found in my video game travels, lies in the difference between the console and PC- based characters. PC –based games, it seems, have the female anatomy much more understood, while many console creators leave me wondering if they have ever seen a real female (IRL, anyway)."

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LinuxGuru3485d ago

If you wanna see good boobies and camel toe, go PC!

*rolls eyes*

Picnic3485d ago

Some (or perhaps all, I haven't checked) of the 'PC' games mentioned (e.g. Left 4 Dead) are also available on consoles (Xbox 360 in this case). It seems to me that the inference of the article is that realism in videogames is a good thing. Most people in real life are not princesses. Does that mean that Mario should stop rescuing them?

Some games exclusively made for consoles, as Resident Evil and Uncharted: Drakes Fortune were, have featured relatively realistic female stars (well, as far as good looking ones go).

There are worse things in videogames than unrealistic depictions of women. The use of sci-fi cliches and the number of war games for instance. Cliches, when used tongue in cheek, can be brilliant but not when they're a watered down version of a watered down version of a once OK idea.

Cheeseknight283484d ago

Speaking of Mario, I've noticed Nintendo has yet to "modernize" Peach...

Also noted is this article's mention of Blizzard making realistic features. Perhaps the article writer completely missed this?

Graphics Whore3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

". And even though human males are incapable of muscle mass anywhere near that of Conan’s"

What? Check out the Vikings.

Anyway she has some valid points however you can't take games like Gears of War 2 or DOA seriously. Over-sexed and over-exaggerated is what the demographic usually enjoys.

Age of Conan is PC game where you can fix the size of breasts, the slider can produce anything from average to balloons.

FantasyStar3484d ago

Yes, but "will it blend?"

zagibu3484d ago

Also, Conan was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He's real. And human.

Tony P3484d ago

I don't think so.

I dunno how can you compare the detail lauded on Kratos to some miscellaneous topless woman, basically an extra. He's the protagonist. Lara Croft, Faith, Nariko, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Aya Brea, and many more get just as much detail and attention to proportion.

Halo3Mgs43484d ago

know that i think about it, i don't think i've ever heard a movie critic complain about women in movies and then says something about women don't look like you average 4/10 girl

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