Washington Post: Sony's PS3 Home is a quiet place to hang out

WP writes: "Dude, this place is quiet," says one avatar, a rather generic-looking, 20-something guy as we lurk on one side of the Home central plaza, watching virtual people go by on what appears, on my TV screen, to be a sunny day in a modern town center. "This could get boring fast," texts another in agreement, a speech balloon popping up over his head.

Sony introduced a virtual world to the PlayStation 3 last month in a move designed to intrigue the gamers of the world by giving them a virtual place to mingle and hang out. Fire up Home for the first time and you can build your virtual self from scratch, selecting everything from facial features to the clothes that will cover your digital body. After that, off you go to wander around advertising-laden movie theaters, malls and bowling alleys, to meet and converse with your fellow PS3 fans."

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InMyOpinion3513d ago

I wonder if it would have turned out differently if Phil Harrison was still involved in it?

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Hot_tea3513d ago

Called out that M$ towel boy.

Agent VX3513d ago

"Home" in the gaming world is what we like to call a "Flop"

Yep, to the annoying downloading and loading of "Home", to the less than fun games, to the boring lifeless feel of "Home", this is what we call a massive "Floppage". I really think Sony should just wipe the whole program clean, and start "Home" again for the PS4. Obviously the years and years of development hasn't helped, but it sure shows that very few people were actually developing "Home" from the complete lack of features.

Who am I kidding, I knew this would be as much as fun a watching paint dry. The world is devoid of much of the socialization that Sony touted "Home" to be. Oh well, it is free and I don't have to use it, thank goodness for that.

NickIni3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Really. To improve N4G, simply get fanboys out of the gamer zone. See above post.

Anyway. I'm not very interested in Home. Played it for about 10 minutes, it was OK, but I've never been a fan of this style of virtual life games.

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incogneato3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Home is a piece of crap ever since they took away voice chat and added lots of moderation to please all the cry babies on forums. It used to be so fun but now I don't use it at all.

Way to ruin something great just to please a few parents that use games and TV to raise their childre, Sony.

Sez 3512d ago

if phil was still involved with the development of home. i think it would have been alot better than the garbage that it called "home" is now.

tatotiburon3512d ago

Home is the biggest flop of the year and it will remain as a BETA for a long, long, long time

kewlkat0073512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Of COURSE IT WOULD...Your In-DENIAL, if you think other-wise.

This guy had the right Vision, since he left, Sony either has been slow or is not quite sure how to Implement them correctly.

Phil was the man..

Homicide3512d ago

Phil Harrison was awesome. The only guy from Sony I liked. Home is pretty underwhelming. Hope they fix everything and make it at least fun.

agentace3512d ago

for the last time Home is not a game its a feature FFS!!

cherrypie3512d ago

Home is a massive flop. It will remain in beta for a long time because 3rd parties nor gamers arent interested.

Ask yourself, how much time did you spend in Second Life? OR Ask, Why couldnt **GOOGLE** make work?

Answer? Because 3D dollhouses are interesting for about 60 seconds. Or about 10 seconds on a TV screen, typing messages with a gamecontroller.

Just a bad bad bad idea. And it flopped very very badly.

SL1M DADDY3512d ago

You can bring a fanboy to the truth but you cannot make him accept it. In other words, your truth about Home is just pearls to the swine in most cases here. I agree with you whole hearted, Home is a feature, not a game. It contains games and is a social gathering and for those with few friends, it would be boring. Hey, look at it this way, no matter how much they dog it, it is still free and since it is an extension of the XMB, you can blow past it or enjoy it. it's a choice, not forced on you like some other silly avatar gimmicks.

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Irishrocket693513d ago

This really "yawn" neazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz.

Sez 3512d ago

so true. i deleted Home off my PS3. it's sch a waste of time with nothing to do. and i refuse to spend my money just to buy furniture and cloths in a beta(which by the way i have never heard of in my life)when everything is subject to change. except the the money i lost.

GiantEnemyLobster3512d ago

I knew $60 games can flop, but a FREE PROGRAM flopping? Jeez Sony, you never cease to amaze me.

mll093513d ago

Ignore this, the site isn't even a gaming site, it has no place to report a story like this.

karlostomy3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

"Dude, this place is quiet," says one avatar.

"This could get boring fast," texts another in agreement

"As seems to be standard practice for Sony's PlayStation services, Home users can expect to have to regularly download updates before they log on to the service."

"1.04 update has disabled the voice chat feature, which means that instead of using their voices to talk each other via headset, Home users are only able to chat via text messages. No problem if you have a USB keyboard, like me, on which you can clatter away to your heart's content. But most Home owners evidently don't, so Home is a place filled with avatars staring at each other blankly as their conversation mate laboriously composes their thought via a PS3 game controller, a process sort of like texting on a cell phone. ("U play GTA4?")"

"As I lurk by the plaza craving small talk, one avatar tells me optimistically that he thinks Home "has a lot of ***ential." It takes me a second to grasp, then it dawns on me that the pesky language filtering system is at work again: No marijuana references, OK people?"

"Home, at times, looks like a world of narcoleptics. "

"There ain't much going on at Home yet, but who knows. A few dozen mandatory updates down the road, and this virtual world might have some ***ential."

yep. just quoting the article... or rather, the central theme of the article.

Hey Mods, please don't delete my last bubble. I am allowed to quote the article here on n4g, right?
.......Or is 'big N4g brother' censoring that too?