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GTA IV just breathes quality from beginning to end. The story is interesting enough to keep you fascinated, the graphic is the PC version are a milestone in the series as is the gameplay. The addition of the video editor and expansion of the multiplayer game also make it a little fuller than it was. GTA IV offers a fantastic experience. It should be in every PC gamers home.

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farhsa20083516d ago

i just dont understand what it is with these pathetic gta 4 reviews, i mean i can understand why the reviews were the way they were when it was released for ps3 and xbox because the reviewers have fallen for the hype but there is no reason that these reviewers can give the game anything above an 8.

AAACE53516d ago

I still say GTA 4 is one of the best games ever made... But that's just my opinion! I bought the game knowing what to expect. I didn't buy it expecting it to be like the past GTA games.

The GTA franchise is moving foward and in that transition, they had to change some things, so the gameplay and all that might not have been what alot of people were expecting!

They had alot of other companies trying to copy their blueprint, namely Saint's row! What were they suppose to do, Have a battle on who can have the most arcadey sandbox game with a funny story?

GTA is an adult franchise, and I am glad they are creating the game in a more adult way. I bought GTA 4 on day one and still have it. I bought saints row on day one and traded it in 2 weeks later, because it just wasn't fun to me! But I imagine it is alot of fun to someone else.

OhMyGandhi3516d ago

this is a random question I have.
Did GTAIV feel slow to anyone besides me?
I mean slow like Niko controlled like a broken down rollercoaster (does it really take that long to turn just 180 degrees?) and the cars controlled like submarines (every car had horrible brake pads).

Bubble Buddy3516d ago

Yeah I felt it was too slow to get to places. Without cabs/helicopters wow, I'd be too lazy to go around. Cole from InFamous seems to move more fluidly and faster so I'm gonna pick that game up. :)

AAACE53514d ago

Slow? Yes, if you have played alot of current shooters like CoD 4 or 5.

Cars controlled like submarines? Keep in mind that we usually drive our cars in a controlled manner in real life. In GTA 4, you are pushing the gas down to the floor and expecting it to react like a sunday drive. I've tested the physics in the game and that's pretty much what people don't like about the driving.

To translate, if you mash the gas on a real car for about 10 seconds and expect it to stop on a dime... you must be living in an imaginary world! GTA 4 threw in these real world physics to give gamers a better understanding of what would happen if they tried this stuff in real life. Once I got used to this, I had even more fun just doing little stuff like crashing in wierd ways, jumping off the double jump unfinished expressway, etc.

To sum it up... alot of people didn't like GTA 4 cause of the real world physics, but you can have alot of fun after you figure out the cool sh*t you can do!

wibble3516d ago

It's definitely a great achievement and I'm glad it got the great reviews.

I personally would prefer less movie and more game. But that's just a matter of opinion. I can see the movie aspect appealing to many people. But for me, if I want to watch a movie then I go watch a movie. It's clear that Rockstar likes to touch people on an emotional level with their "games". and this isn't easy to do without cut scenes.

bobdog6263516d ago

It's boring to me but as long as you guy's like it ,it's ok i guess.The only thing i like about GTA was how huge the city is that's it.Don't like driving around all day picking up people .To Me i like game's like FEAR or LEFT4Dead where you Fight the Real and Unreal .Thats just Me.

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