What is in store for the gaming industry in 2009? Step Ya Game Up Podcast 28

Blade206, DCI, Blip74, and WorseCase com together to talk about:

-Game Trailers Game of the year and biggest news story of the year

-White Knight Chronicles Sales

-Reason why GTA IV is not Game of the Year Material

-Games on Smash Gaming Platform of the Year

-Our predictions for gaming companies next year; As always we all have a step ya game up!

Side Note: Download Skype and add GamesOnSmash, we will be having an open podcast, soon so all the fans can discuss their Game of The Year, so for all the fans who want to jump in the podcast here is your chance…

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lol for real keep this site out of the 360 section we don't give a fvck about gameonsmash aka sony [email protected] site