CVG: 2009 Is the Year of the Military Sim

Love your war brutal and realistic? 2009 is your year. Two open-world soldier simulations are coming, both of them with serious heritage.

The first is ArmA 2, a sequel built by the military nuts that created the greatest soldier sim ever in Operation Flashpoint, Bohemia Interactive. They're obsessive on detail but light on polish, as their last game, the first Armed Assault, showed. Fixing this should be their first priority.

The second sim is Operation Flashpoint 2. A new team, working to produce a game with the same relentless detail, but with a modern level of style.

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Alcohog3180d ago

Operation Flashpoint is one of my favorite games of all time. I wish the sequel was PC exclusive, I loved the depth of control and commands that the keyboard provided. I'm afraid the to accommodate consoles, the controls will be dumbed down.

Blood_Spiller3180d ago

The true sequels to the Operation Flashpoint franchise are the Armed Assault games.

Greeny19723180d ago

Its going to be a great year! can't wait for these. I also used to play the original flashpoint.