Famitsu Weekly's New Years Interview with Kitase

From "Famitsu Weekly," issue #1048, dated 2009 1/9-16, as part of Famitsu Weekly's interviews of 21 creators from the gaming industry.

"I: Then, what kind of year do you think 2009 will be for you personally?

K: It's the year that XIII speeds toward facing completion. Together with that, I want to see the PS3['s popularity] gain ground, too. In spring, there's the plans for the demo to come out, so if we're (the industry) given the energy to speed both along, it would be great.

I: If that [software] was FFXIII, that would be great, wouldn't it?

K: Of course, if FFXIII became a reason for people to buy a PS3, I would be most happy..."

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sinncross3479d ago

Wow, Square's integrative function is crazy.
First someone supports the PS3, then someone else thinks the PS3 sucks, then another guy recons all their games should be for the Wii.
cray lol

That said, it's nice to see someone who feels confident in the PS3 going forward, and who knows, Sony should most likely have a great 2009.

tocrazed4you3479d ago

the people that LOVE THE PS3 aka nomura and stuff not like those other punks and the greedy president of square.

Tacticity3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

If only the former president of SE was now things would have been so much better. There is one thing I never actually understood back at E3 2005 why did say that SE would fully support the PS3. And look where we are today and they just f!ck us over. Most likely it was just a sick !ss joke.

Hot_tea3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

..if they did put all this gens games on the wii, I think they may make a gazillion dollars. The fact that they do not, shows me what the bulk of Wii owners are....casual noobs, not gamers.
They want Hello Kitty Island Adventure Motion WHAM!! over a real game.