Scientists to Determine if Wii Fit Actually Works

Games Are Evil writes, "This holiday season Wii Fit has been selling like hotcakes. It has been impossible to find them anywhere, as every housewife on the planet longs for the chance to have Mario call them a fat ass. Ironically, though the game is named Wii Fit, there has been little or no scientific evidence to support the Fit portion of the product's name..."

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bgrundman3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Does anybody think that Wii Fit actually works?

CrAppleton3481d ago

I think anything that gets you up off your ass is a good thing


Fvck the wii and nintendo.If u want to lose wait just stop eating to much ang go to the GYM. WII fit can suck my u know what... (-_-)

PS360 FTW..... Im never buying the wii.

RememberThe3573480d ago

Then she sprained her ankle.

I laughed so hard when my dad told me. He was talking so much sh*t about it I couldn't stop laughing.

I wish I would have recorded it.

Genesis53480d ago

Can we please get the scientist working on something else. This really isn't that important.

Delive3480d ago

But, you can get the same results without a Wii fit. What it does do is offers you a visual aid for your activities and your weight and BMI progress. All this can be obtained in other ways, but some people do appreciate and respond better to the motivation of the Wii fit than another person who can judge them. So, to sum it up, does it work? Yes. Does it work better than other work out programs? No. Is it more user friendly than working with a real trainer? Yes, unless your trainer is a hot person of the opposite gender who offers an incentive program for lbs lost (wink). That's a wrap, no scientist needed.

mint royale3480d ago

as long as trolls like 'wanna get high' are here. On most sites he'd be banned for comments like that but here he seems to be applauded. Such a shame.

gaffyh3480d ago

It probably works slightly, it probably won't make you lose weight, but most likely will help with joint problems in later life.

SaiyanFury3480d ago

Scientists already looked at this months ago when WiiFit was new. It's NOT a replacement for actual exercise and in fact you burn far less calories playing WiiFit than if you actually went and did some jumping jacks.

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bgrundman3481d ago

The only game that I think stands a chance at making you more fit is Dance Dance Revolution or the old school NES Track and Field game... maybe the just should have updated that game and put it out!

CrAppleton3481d ago

HAHA! DDR with the Wii fit board sounds interesting

bgrundman3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

a lawsuit waiting to happen, is what it sounds like

CrAppleton3481d ago

So I would assume that Wii fit actually works..

bgrundman3481d ago

I don't know, it seems awful gimmicky to me

CrAppleton3481d ago

Now.. I will say that Wii fit is WAAAAAY overpriced

bgrundman3481d ago

Well, you are getting the balance board too, so I can kinda see where they get the price from.

CrAppleton3481d ago

And btw a new track and field would be bad ass.. although I wonder if that board would be strong enough to support you

roblef3481d ago

depends on how big you are. Plus, you're not supposed to jump on the thing. It holds up to 330 pounds, so if you're more than that, you might want to try some gentle walking first.

bgrundman3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Gentle walking? At that weight it would be hard to be gentle at anything! :P

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