New PSP exploit found in GripShift, works on PSP-3000

Now this is how you start a new year! New exploit, old game! It's so cool to actually see this beauty working - and on a PSP-3000 no less! The PSP scene was buzzing the other day when MaTiAz found an exploit (read: buffer overflow!) in the three year old game, GripShift.

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RememberThe3573427d ago

Don't these people have jobs or girl friends or something?

But hey, what ever floats their boat.

gaffyh3427d ago

Lol now GripShift will get a huge sales boost.

tatotiburon3427d ago

why are you complaining? without this guys the PSP be dead by now. 90% of the PSP install base use custom firmware for many homebrew app, do you guys actually believes that the PSP sold that well because of the games?

neoxdonut3427d ago

Probably just a matter of time now.

Strife Lives3427d ago

They sound really excited

Idree3427d ago

Great news!

PSP with CFW is still the best gaming experience ever :)

SpartanGR3427d ago

Homebrew is the biggest excuse for piracy. Imagine how many games we missed on our beloved PSP because of piracy

tatotiburon3427d ago

piracy on DS is easier and still have more and better games, not crappy ports

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