N-Europe: Sonic Unleashed Review

Though the Sonic Unleashed team said that the Werehog aswell as additional features on other Sonic games was needed to extend the game since if it was all Sonic, it would be a 3 odd hour game. Will gamers ever get that true Sonic they have all been waiting for? If Unleashed is anything to go by, it's a step in the right direction since this game nearly had it. And with the Secret Rings being popular despite it's love/hate charm and the Black Knight shaping up to be good, Sonic is getting back to his roots.

Why the developers insist on not creating an all pure Hedgehog game will forever be the series' downfall. After all, N-Europe is sure there's a fair few who would rather have a pure Sonic game rather than a Sonic game that's been dragged out just to make the game a bit longer.

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