Preview of the Mirrors Edge Themed Photoshoot

It all started when Nelson, of PixelatedGeek, was driving home from work and listening to the following MP3 remix of "Still Alive", the theme song for Mirrors Edge. Nelson thought, wouldn't it be cool to dress or cosplay Jannica as Faith. Nelson asked his team to help with the shoot. Nelson also had to find the costume. Finding the costume was the hardest part of the whole process. Nelson had to go to several stores just to find all the pieces for it. In the end, the photos came out nicely. Nelson will be releasing them soon on Stay tuned!

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Nathan Drake3362d ago

No offense but where's the Video game news...?

SRU96003362d ago

Anything is better than "Faith". She is ugly as sin.

This girl is very pretty.

Jonray3362d ago

This is random... but true,
they used to wrong type of asian. the asian here looks south east asian or somewher around vietnam, thailand, philippines, hong kong. etc... but faith is more a north east asian decent, like near japan korea and northern china where eyes are generally smaller and skin is whiter and some people in that area are known to have higher cheekbones...
but anyways....
nice idea looks like a cool photoshoot?O.o

wquach3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Totally agree. I'm Viet and she looks southeast asian to me...and totally unlike Faith. Since it's a photoshoot looks should be everything so why not put in a bit more effort to find someone more similar? It's not like any asian should be chosen just because Faith is asian...

Off the top of my head I could think of some friends that look more like Faith than the model used...

barom3362d ago

Who cares. We all look a like for the rest of the world anyway.

FantasyStar3362d ago

oh god no.....


NJShadow3362d ago

The fact that you managed to pull off the exact same clothes is cool enough for me. =)

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The story is too old to be commented.