Far Cry 2 PC Bug Fix - How I Rid Myself of The Jackal's Curse

GameCyte: "Today, I have finally seen the first 40 minutes of Far Cry 2 on PC. Or, to be more precise, I've seen the first two minutes of the game about twenty times in a row. That's because over two months after the game's release, I've finally figured out how to dispell The Jackal's Curse - and over the course of a half-dozen reinstalls and numerous reboots this evening, discovered exactly what setting I managed to mess with in order to fix the problem."

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GlibGamer3513d ago

PC gaming, killed by casual gamers and bugs like these. ;)

Here come the disagrees, even though I love my PC and still play on it!

PotNoodle3513d ago

s/casual gamers/pirates

gauravraw3513d ago

I really didn't face any problem with the game. Dunno what the guy is talking about.

Qwagy UK3513d ago

May be he should of updated his drivers!!!

ahnonamis3513d ago

Driver updates: the catch-all solution suggested by everyone who doesn't know what they're talking about.

The Jackal Curse in Far Cry 2 isn't just a driver issue. Could drivers be mainly at fault? Definitely. But all of the people who had the same errors updated drivers, reinstalled drivers, uninstalled drivers, etc. and all for nothing. It's not even happening to people with the same hardware set-ups. It, like most modern PC game issues, is a mystery.

This does seem to work for people with Creative soundcards, though. No fixing of the Jackal Curse on non-Creative boards unfortunately :(