Nintendo's list of pre-registered games that will net you coins

Aeropause: "I contacted Nintendo about my Club Nintendo confusion the other day and they gave me a little bit more information on the matter. All Nintendo published games from December 2008 on are eligible for coins. In addition to that, games from the list below are eligible for coins. This is supposed to be a complete list of games from before December 2008 that you get coins for when registered (and then you have to complete a survey). Have a look for yourself. Then help me figure out why Mega Man 9 and Dr. Mario Online Rx aren't on the list."

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Wolf26pack3514d ago

My question is will Nintendo Credit us for our pre-registered games on that list that we registered before Club Nintendo exisited?

neoxdonut3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

I registered for back in 04, recently I registered for club-nintendo and I had points from previous registered games.

Wolf26pack3514d ago

I got the Coins all I needed to do was to go to my to-do list and fill out the registration survey and I was credited the points.

Nintendo Treats it's Fanbase Right.

Thanks Nintendo!!! :-)

Smacktard3514d ago

How is this news? It's explained in the Club Nintendo FAQ, for god sakes. It was there in the FAQ since it opened...

Cheeseknight283513d ago

I ordered my Mario DS card case a few days ago. That thing just looks awesome.

If anyone is thinking about the G&W Collection, I wouldn't recommend it. All those coins for 3 20 year old games is not worth it (They aren't even the remastered versions from G&W Galleries 1-4 on GBC/GBA).

Shnazzyone3513d ago

I'm eager to see my coins when club nintendo begins. I've bought many wiiware and virtual console titles. Not to mention most of the games i own are on that list. I'm just angry that i bought the first two SB games then none of the others after seeing that for some reason the last 3 episodes are all that will earn me coins.

Wonder if my registered NES, gamecube, n64, virtualboy, GBA and 2 DS's along with my wii will afford me a slew of stuff.

Shnazzyone3513d ago

I didn't realise club nintendo doesn't give you cred for past nintendo registrations. Those jerkwads! I registered all my games that i could and only ended up with 210 coins ... not even gold status yet.