Tekken 6 - New gameplay video

A new Tekken 6 gameplay video showing off the battle between Feng and Armor King. Enjoy.

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PoSTedUP3332d ago

omg its looking soo damn good.

boodybandit3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

the natural lighting in this game and the animation looks spot on but I have all but lost interest in this game because of how long it is taken for Namco to release it. This game should have already hit retail. I guess now it all depends on when it's released as to whether or not it's a day one purchase for me.

+bubble postedup
not sure why you only have 4 bubbles but hopefully I can help out with that.

Doppy3332d ago

Thank you Namco it's looking a lot better.

Homicide3332d ago

Yeah, it looks great. Paul + Law are my guys.

PS360PCROCKS3332d ago

I disagreed because it doesn't look any better than soul calibur, dead or alive 4, street fighter or Virtua Fighter. Looks good though

PoSTedUP3332d ago

appreciate it yall, unfortunately, bubbles are the lest of my worries : (

power of Green 3331d ago

Must of been garbage before(looks average).

shine13963331d ago

I was seeing sd footage without realizing, but even in the hidef, version, the background, is pretty dull and grey..

Blackcanary3331d ago

wow the first time your gonna see me agreeing with Power of Green his right it does look below average. Dead and alive on the 360 and Soulcalibur 4 and even VF4 look why better than this they had so much time on.

barom3331d ago

What I'm curious about is how the single-player is gonna work out. Is it gonna have some sort of story too it. Cause they used to have at least something in there, 2-3 pages of text and on some characters an intermission in some of the later fights. I really hope it's a bit more than SCIV's single-player mode (fight 10 guys and get a 30 sec long cutscene that makes no sense but looks kinda cool)

shawnsl653331d ago

Yep first time agreeing with POG also. I'll have to pass on this and maybe buy it once it hits the next xbox/ps system.

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360 man3332d ago

damn man i still cant believe this is on xbox

Graphics Whore3332d ago

It looks okay, Street fighter is gonna be better.

Sonyslave33332d ago

agree man i can't wait either man lol sony [email protected] are disagreeing with just because u mention the 360

freeman293332d ago

Its a great game but.... Tekken 4 rocks man :).

INehalemEXI3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

who pits SF against Tekken , I don't see one better then the other personally. They 2 different types of fighters.

Its like pitting Dance Dance Revolution against Guitar Hero. Pointless. IMO.

King of Fighters or Guilty Gear vs SF sure.

VF or DOA vs Tekken ,sure.

Marquis_de_Sade3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Yes 'Xbox Street Gang' (possibly the most ridiculous user name I've yet to see on here by the way), because I'm sure the PS3 version will look so much better right, just like Soul Calibur 4? Oh wait...

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Supercalifragili3332d ago

Nice combos, and great graphics. This game will rock!!!!

marichuu3332d ago

Did we see the same video here?
The video is quite low-res, I don't think you can say anything about graphics there...

San anto3332d ago

Agreed the resolution was terrible, therefore couldn't really judge its visuals. That doesn't mean I doubt it will be great just this video proves nothing really.

PoSTedUP3332d ago

put yalls resolution up on your monitors, you can tell the game has great graphics and animations.

marichuu3332d ago

...the resolution your OS is running at has nothing to do with the resolution of the video is encoded at.

I'm not saying that the graphics are bad, but it's impossible to tell from this video.

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Kouzmich3332d ago

We have to wait for this till the end of this year to play. That sux. At least they could have released it on PS3 in spring/summer time and then port it to 360 and release it at the end of the year .
The game is done for sure on PS3 , the arcade machines have CELL processor in them , so the reason to hold the game back for PS3 I think is obvious.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3332d ago

Don't 99% of all multiplatform games get done on the 360 first, then ported to the PS3? Unless that nickname Portstation 3 is just a figment

rucky3332d ago

Actually the nickname is "Living in 2007"

KarateExplosion3331d ago

Has takin a turn for the worst. I own all the tekkens and everyone that came out after tag has gradually gotten worse. I mean did you guys watch this video. You can air juggle people to death. AIR JUGGLE as in NO!!! THE OTHER PERSON WONT BE ABLE TO MOVE. This is prolly why my new favorite fighting game franchise is headed to Street Fighter.

Yes I am really really good at tekken. Jin from tekken 3 ftw/Devil Jin. And yes I can do all his 10 hit combos and air juggle with him like no other. But none of that will matter if I/you get hit up in the air first....

KyonoRocks3331d ago

What are you talking about?

No-one uses 10 hit ocmbos in Tekken, they're not very good. I doubt you're a really really good player if you say you can do 10 hit combos. Unless by really really good, you mean you can beat your dad all the time. Plus Jin/Devil Jin is overpowered as hell around the Tag period :P

Tekken 5 is easily the best Tekken, it's a phenomenal game. Tekken 6 will hopefully be Tekken 5 with a few nice additions, nothing really wrong with the formula so a few new characters and nice graphics would do me just fine.

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freeman293332d ago

This game has decline since Tekken 4.

marichuu3332d ago

If you mean by including Tekken 4, then yes.
Has there even been anything new in the past few Tekken games? I thought MK vs. DC was going to suck and all, but seeing this... I mean... nothing has changed.
Give me another Bloody Roar and I'll be happy... I don't need this ;<

Marceles3332d ago

I agree too, Tekken Tag was the last one I enjoyed. Once walls and easier juggling was introduced I stopped playing competitively. I'm still a big Tekken fan though over any 3D fighter