AndPOP Review: Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades

AndPOP: "Guitar Hero: Decades is the second release from Activision for the distribution of portable guitar rocking goodness on the Nintendo DS. I wouldn't really call this a sequel, but rather, an expansion to Guitar Hero: On Tour as some small aspects were improved, but really, it's the exact same as On Tour with a new set list. The guitar grip that comes with Decades is the same as On Tour, the plectrum stylus is similar (longer touching point on the Decades one but doesn't fit into grip container as well) and the layout is very similar to On Tour. All these aside, I felt Decades had a much stronger 'story' to it than any other past Guitar Hero title (aside from Guitar Hero: Aerosmith). Another extra added to Decades is the ability to play wirelessly with someone that has On Tour, allowing them to try the new songs as well as you to play the old songs."

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