Sony to Cancel PS3! - Do people actually think this?

PlayStation Gamer UK Writes: "While checking the websites stats as i like to do from time to time, i did come across some rather interesting information. Looking at the section which tells me what terms people used in search engines before coming across PlayStation Gamer UK. There were the normal "PlayStation UK" and "killzone 2 pre-order" terms, the one which stood out the most however was that was a considerable amount of people (so much so it was the second most searched term before visiting this website ) entering "Will Sony Cancel the PlayStation 3?."

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PoSTedUP3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

..... 10 years from now! XD

chaosatom3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

actually need stories about people thinking whether or not sony will cancel ps3.

just wow. There are tons of games out on the ps3, and sales are still maintaining and software sales are booming.

Ps3 is here to stay and will outlast 360 or wii.
Thank god that consumers stay away from these stories and people who even read these articles won't affect the sales at all.

MURKERR3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

and there has been ALOT of false articles this year for it to be coincidence something dirty is going on,maybe someone has their check book out ...

Sony PlayStation 33425d ago

N4G is good - Do people actually think this?

Seriously N4G has been crap lately :(

ChefDejon3425d ago

honestly thinks this no lie.... ask posted

INehalemEXI3425d ago

If anything sony will retire the ps2 but they wont even do that anytime soon. Who in there right mind would think PS3 would take an early retirement?

BWS19823425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

go into any article you think would be full of PS3 gamers and fans who love their system and want to talk about it. You'll find about 10-20 regulars in them all, out of place mind you, who would seem to bet their "Christ-like console" and their mother that it has already failed. This site is not what it was when I joined a year ago. These articles I keep seeing are more like pissing matches, trying to drown out other people's opinions with very weird, baseless opinions (that is my OWN opinion) presented as "facts"...In all my console gaming over 20 years, I don't think anything has gotten this bad with "loyalty", until the internet gave every fool a podium...Everybody's an amateur PR spinner and "expert", and nobody's a gamer. This isn't the Gaza Strip, this isn't 1860 America, this is a damn video game news site, and I'm still shaking my head.

AAACE53425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

We as gamers understand what the Ps3 is worth and see it as a version of a supercomputer!

But the typical casual gamer, sees it as too much money to play games. They don't respect and love games as much as a hardcore gamer, so to alot of them, the price isn't justified... primarily... cause they don't know exactly how much stuff they will be getting from the price, such as internet browsing, free online gameplay, etc. They probably still associate it like the Ps2 and think all you can do is play games and watch movies.

Once the price drops and the economy is a bit better, I see the sales for the Ps3 making a dramatic rise! Hell, it could do that this year...

@Edwineverready(below)... Did you go back and look at one of my past comments and copy it? I swear, I used to say the same thing to the Ps3 fanboys who wanted the 360 to fail!

jadenkorri3425d ago

the amount of articles negative towards the ps3, i haven't seen a negative article towards the 360 for a long while, and the 2nd a good article is about the the ps3, its reported asap, by whom im assuming as the 360 fanboy side, yet bad articles about the ps3 are approved within a secs, this site has gone from News, to people owns personal blogs which some believe is news rather than actual fact than fiction... Whats worst, i referred this site as Blogs for gamers, as thats what i read most of the day is people opinions rather than actual news, and i had a few people personally point out that fact that blogs were allowed on this site... yes allowed, but seriously read into my sarcasticness a little bit first...

mint royale3425d ago

And so called 'journalists' who write this stuff. Its not just sony that suffers but nintendo and Microsoft have suffered just as much. I could give you a brief history if you want:

2006: Wii is doomed!
2007: Ps3 is doomed!
2008: Xbox 360 is doomed!
Late 2008: PS3 is doomed!

So whos next to be a target of the irrational articles!?

DaTruth3425d ago

It's true; I find myself coming on here less and less, reading the one article(and there's usually only one) and then going to laugh at flame wars in the hotter threads. You say blogs for gamers, I say Blogs for Flamers cause there aren't much true gamers on here, or at least, not enough articles for true gamers to discuss.

gw4k3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I knew I shouldn't have purchased this underwhelming machine. Since my 360 kept killing itself I thought why not get one.

Now Sony is going to Cancel it?

I mean, the games are inferior and the online play makes me want to vomit compared to the smooth system the 360 has.

Home is a joke. Life with Playstation is silly and useless. The web browser is for those who do not have a pc. Metal Gear Solid did run at 1080p and looked amazing. It could be done at least as well on the 360 though. The online would have been better though.

In all seriousness, Sony isnt going anywhere. Their system sure as hell wont last 10 years. Not in the way that many of you think. The true life span will be 5/6 years and we are already well into this. We know that Sony is working with Nvidia right now on the gpu for the new ps4. That is offical. Yes it is, go look it up.

The PS3 will of course continue to live on for 10 years, but not as the leading system. While the ps3 is powerful, it isn't 10 years ahead of time. The new xbox will be out within years, companies are already working on the games. The next generation will start when MS says it will and the current generation will end when they want it too.

It is sad because Sony is the one that is losing here. All they can do is try to even the playing field but they can not get a head. In other words, Sony is being driven around and MS is controlling the car and going where they want to. Sony is wanting to hit the nursing home while MS wants to get to the night club.

Think about it, you know it's true! There is nothing exciting about the ps3 in terms of hype and experience. All the hype that has been built is always a let down.

So is the PS3 being canceled? No.
Should they cancel it? Maybe.
Maybe it is time to do a 'redo.'

mint royale3425d ago

anyone who believes sony won't release a ps4 in the next4 years is living in dreamland. There is no way they will let Microsoft 1up them again with the release of a console.

The Mikester3425d ago

wow whoever thought that Sony would cancel the PS3 is a complete dumba**.
i'm sorry to say that but it's true.
(sarcasm)Sony would definetly cancel the PS3 especially when they're selling millions of PS3s/or more a year

mint royale3425d ago

Sony is a business which is out there to make profits. Simple. If it was more profitable to cancel the ps3 they would. But the simple reasoning is it isn't so they won't. What they need is to sell more hardware and software and get costs of production down. From here they will be in a much better position than they are now. They have great software coming out in the coming year and hopefully this will help. Are people seriously suggesting that the best way to re-coup the $4 billion that the ps3 has lost is to cancel the product before it has had a chance to become profitable?

Yes sony is suffering (this can be seen by sony dropping to the 23rd biggest company in Japan from 4th 3 years ago). But the ps2 and psp are profitable and are keeping sony's game division profitable as a whole. Once the ps3 costs are sorted then sony's game division go back to how it was 5 years ago.

Heres hoping they post profits next quarter but they could find it tough with the strong yen hurting them - nintendo is also suffering by the yen but they have such huge profit margins on the wii they will almost certainly still post profits.

SullyDrake3425d ago

... When the PS4 is out, and that'll be 5 years after the PS4 is out because Sony supports all their platforms, they don't neglect last-gen models like MicroCash and Nintendon't do.

And Bloodmask is actually my mother. That's why he has a blood mask, cuz he eats out my other mother when she's on her period.

mint royale3425d ago

it is determined by sales. The ps1 and ps2 were huge successes and were viable platforms to continue production into the following gen. The xbox and gamecube were not (forgetting MS problems with get parts for the xbox). Will the ps3 be as successful? I think the wii, 360 and ps3 will all have a presence into the start of next gen. But if only one company is going to support their console into next gen then it will be nintendo as they have by far the biggest userbase - approaching 50 million. That will be the most viable console for developers to support.

Real Gambler3425d ago

Sadly, this is NEWS for gamers, not BLOG for gamers. You have to love what's coming out of Wordpress BLOGs though. This BLOG (not a news)is not even SIGNED. The web site this anonymous guy is talking about is not even quoted! And yet, tons of people are arguing about this anonymous BLOG citing an anonymous website. Gotta love it!

Next on that blog: "While visiting an anonymous website, I got the proof that earth is totally flat."

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edwineverready3425d ago

I don't understand why people want the ps3 to fail so bad.
If the xbox360 was the only console on the market that would be bad for xbox360 users because no competition means less advancement in technology and higher prices. so be happy the xbox360 has competition.

hunter213425d ago

cause they cant accept the fact that the ps3 have a huge potential in gaming industries, thats bussines works whoever have a huge potential some people will pull them down.

Aclay3425d ago

I don't know why so many people want the PS3 to fail either. I guess for some reason a lot of people are tired of Sony dominating every generation that they have been in.

With Killzone 2, God of War 3, Infamous, Uncharted 2, a new Team ICO game, and other high calibur PS3 exclusives coming down the pipeline, the PS3 is FAR from being canceled. Xbox 360 fans can only "hope" that the PS3 get canceled so that they don't have to worry about the 360 possibly getting Beat this generation by the PS3.

Bnet3433425d ago

I think it has to do with the rootkits.

tplarkin73425d ago

The PS2 had no competition and Sony became complacent. Game quality suffered on PS2. Even the highest rated games, like DMC, FF, or MGS were technically sub-par compared to Xbox games. Skies of Arcadia was a more advanced RPG on Dreamcast than FFX.

So, the PS3 is in a bit of trouble because the product hasn't changed very much since the PS1. If you compare the PS1 to the PS2 or PS3, the only things that have changed were direct responses to competition.

Controller: same except for Sixaxis slapped on after Wiimote.
Hard drive: added after Xbox
Dashboard: added after Xbox 360
Online: added after Dreamcast
Home: added long after Xbox Live

Final_Aeon3425d ago

Seriously, the only thing that made SOME Xbox stand out in the onslaught of awesome PS2 titles was a slight graphical edge. You can't really be serious that a Dreamcast title (even if it was of the "... of" series) was miles ahead of FFX on all fronts. FFX is and always will be an awesome game. Along with titles like GT4, MG3, GOW2, SOTC, Okami, Tekken 5 and many others, they gave PS2 gamers much more diversity and an overall better playing experince than Xbox gamers.

Milky Joe3425d ago

Controller: same except for Sixaxis slapped on after Wiimote. - I'll give you that one.
Hard drive: added after Xbox - Which was added after PC... Hard Drives in consoles was the next step. Infact the PS2 had a slot for a hard disk built in from the start so you're wrong.
Dashboard: added after Xbox 360 - PSP had the XMB before 360 had the Dashboard. PS3 developed on the PSP's XMB.
Online: added after Dreamcast - It was, yes.
Home: added long after Xbox Live - Would make sense if Home was meant to be a rival to Xbox Live. The two are very different things. You should've said the PSN, then you would've sounded like you knew what you were talking about.

Oh, and don't forget Blu-Ray, Full games available as downloads over PSN, Home (what other console has anything like this?), Remote Play. All things that PS3 did first.

Don't start mouthing off calling me a fanboy, I'm just pointing out your errors in the hope that you take on board what has been said to help you along your path to enlightenment.

callahan093425d ago

Tplarkin7, you say:

"Controller: same except for Sixaxis slapped on after Wiimote.
Hard drive: added after Xbox
Dashboard: added after Xbox 360
Online: added after Dreamcast
Home: added long after Xbox Live"

Well, let me see... who cares, first of all, if companies see things going on in their industry and respond by utilizing new ideas and technology themselves to stay in the game. Look here, if you think that Sony "stole" online from Dreamcast, then why don't you apply the same criticism to Xbox Live, which also came after Dreamcast. The hard drive in the Xbox was an idea taken from PC's, wasn't it? Yeah, I think so. Dashboard stolen from Xbox 360? Ludicrous. The XMB is taken directly from the PSP's interface, which was around before the Xbox 360 anyway, so if you want to make that comparison, why wouldn't you instead say that the 360 stole it from PSP (which, by the way, is itself a stupid assumption, because the dashboard on 360 isn't very much at all like the XMB on Playstation 3 and PSP)... and Home is nothing like Xbox Live. Xbox Live is a generic ability to play games online, have a friends list, and communicate through voice/video chat and messages. All of that is available through PSN, Home isn't required to do any of that stuff. Home is more of a Sims or Second Life kind of interface and not an Xbox Live rip-off.

ReBurn3425d ago

I don't think that Xbox 360 fans want the PS3 to fail as much as they don't want it to be first. There's a difference between the two.

It hasn't been the normal morons like the ones that fight here all the time that have been instilling fear. It's mainstream journalists that have an enormous sandbox to speak from. People automatically trust outlets like Wall Street Journal, so when they say doom and gloom people just believe it. Sadly that's enough to turn some fence sitters away.

Scottama3425d ago

Contrary to YOUR belief, the XMB was around long before the 360, and LONG before the PS3.

The XMB made its debut in 2003, in the PSX.
Given that you seemed to think that Sony only added the XMB after Microsoft added the dashboard, as the PS3 came out later, now that you've been corrected... does that not suggest that Microsoft added the dashboard because Sony had the XMB? :-S

No, it doesn't.
Your arguments are non-sequitors, may I direct you thusly: http://www.theskepticsguide...

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Speed-Racer3425d ago

The PS3 will never a matter, it's potential is still being yea..

MEGANE3425d ago

....when they have to spend 3 billion at once with the RROD deal, why sony when thay are about to make profit out of the ps3...
2 years from now i will be LMAO when ps3 hits $200 and bluray outsell DVD.

Rhoic3425d ago

Microsoft spent 1 billion.. not 3 billion lol. Sony lost 3 billion on the PS3's development, and has lost more money on the PS3 than they gained in the first 5-8 years of the PS2's lifespan. As stated by Sony.

BlindMonkey3424d ago

Rhoic get your numbers right before you try to prove people wrong. Microsoft lost 1.9 billion on those RROD'ed consoles. Oh and don't forget they lost 4 billion in 4 years on the last gen xbox.

Nathan Drake3425d ago

I want the next Playstation to only launch in EU and JP,that way we'll have a lot less idiots writing articles

resistance1003425d ago

I actually think its not a bad article (hense the reason why i submited it), if you read it, its not bashing the Ps3 in any way or form.

Nathan Drake3425d ago

I'm referring to the "Ps3 is Titanic" garbage that pops up every week from the same American outlets

Bnet3433425d ago

Too bad your dumbass wish won't come true.

xwabbit3425d ago

Kigmal ur such a kid lol

BWS19823425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Im deeply sad to know my country is thought of this way. I know it is, because my head isn't in the sand like some of these younger fanboys, and I saw what has happened in recent years. I wish I didn't get lumped in with so many pompous people. It is a sad thing, and I wish I could change it. I'm still proud to be an American, not because I am side by side with some of the morons that are so vocal, but because I stand taller than them. Please leave us hope, not all are like that. :)

games4fun3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

i have to say i'm a little taken aback at how you view Americans. I live in Michigan, i only own a ps3. But i do understand where the hostility is coming from.

Its not that all Americans are moron or anything its just that the more vocal and usually ill mannered will spread a message much louder(more obnoxiously) than the informed.

The 360 is a good console aside from the breakdowns and i am glad that they have been pushing the ps3 competition wise. The downside of the playstation is that it has always been a slow starter. But like always when it comes to msoft i dont like the business model they are using. To me i find sony's business model more upfront and quality driven but that is just me.

madpuppy3425d ago

Why would you want to deprive the true gamer the experience of the PS4? what did I/we ever do to you? :P

Graphics Whore3425d ago

"Nathan Drake
Im deeply sad to know my country is thought of this way. I know it is, because my head isn't in the sand like some of these younger fanboys, and I saw what has happened in recent years. I wish I didn't get lumped in with so many pompous people. It is a sad thing, and I wish I could change it. I'm still proud to be an American, not because I am side by side with some of the morons that are so vocal, but because I stand taller than them. Please leave us hope, not all are like that. :)"

I'm not generalizing however NA has a lot of people who are just below the radar in terms of intelligence, I'm not associating you with that statement but it's true and it makes me sad.

Scottama3425d ago

To be honest, I thought that it was a bad article too.
Not in its topic, but in its content and presentation.

There was very little substance to it:

People might think that the PS3 is being cancelled as it didn't sell as well as last year.
People might think that the PS3 is being cancelled as it isn't being advertised well.

And I felt it was written very poorly; it sounded like a 15 year old wrote it.

P.S. Slightly ironic, as I just turned 16 myself lol.

BWS19823425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I realize that, my intentions were to highlight that fact, that we are not all foolish idiots bad with money and raised to be arrogant people. I think for myself, ignoring most media and "trends", I study philosophy, have an art degree, write and read quite well, fight for the little guy and want good for humanity. There are many of us here, our media should not "represent us", as we did not elect them to such endeavors, and many of us are disgusted by them. It IS sad, and I hope America heads to better times...There are bad apples on every tree, just remember that the entire orchard is not bad as a consequence.

MRMagoo1233425d ago

But you did elect bush though huh i mean surely the people of America must of known a spoon out ranked him on the I.Q scale.I dont think anyone should be left out of getting a PS4 though i say share the love

BWS19823424d ago

if you actually live here, you'd know his "election" is still questionable. Even assuming this...if 51% of the country doesn't follow the truth or know what they're doing, something like that can happen. All it takes is a majority by the slightest bit. This again, goes to the fact that the entire orchard isn't bad, despite many apples being bad. Again, I'm not Bush, and his approval rating should demonstrate that about 4 out of 5 people think differently than him. Do not lump us together, as I would never lump in another society.

3424d ago
GIJeff3424d ago

shows our country's growing stupidity, if bush showed our stupidity exists.

Graphics Whore3423d ago

shows our country's growing stupidity, if bush showed our stupidity exists."

It's showing our ever growing apathy towards diversity, Obama was a prime candidate for an economic slow down however everyone who ran had something about them that didn't rub right. Point is, Obama isn't doing what he should be doing, I hope he gets the hint.

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tatotiburon3425d ago

the same thing every day, big media bashing the PS3 and blogs defend it

IzKyD13313425d ago

and trolls like you lurk about

resistance1003425d ago

To true IzKyD1331, have a bubble.

Xbox Street Gang3425d ago

I bet he'd be the first person to buy a PS3 Killzone 2 bundle at $299.99. Funny...

IzKyD13313425d ago

You too resistance : )
it's not like you need it though :P

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