Review Busters: The Last Remnant Review

The Last Remnant needed about three or four months to polish up a few things. It has a great story and cast of characters but everything else is poorly executed. If this is what gamers have in store for future Square games they might be better off be playing other RPGs.

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edwineverready3485d ago

Square made a costly mistake siding with microsoft.

kewlkat0073485d ago

You act like this is Square's White Engine or something...

edwineverready3485d ago

Thanks for the info. still think there corporation is not working in squares favor.

NaiNaiNai3485d ago

no hes just a sony fanboy who thinks SE is bad cause they made some bad games. FYI they have mad alot of bad games before, these where only know cause they hadn't put out any of there main titles yet, nothing to do with M$