Disappointed Playstation Fans Get Their Revenge

PlayStation Gamer Uk Writes: "A short while ago on popular gaming website N4G an article was posted stating how Xbox 360 "fanboys" has gone onto Killzone 2's page and in there numbers had lowered the average user rating.It does now appear that PlayStation "fanboys" have taken there "Revenge" already by targeting upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive Halo Wars so it now has an average User score of 0.8 out of 10."

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Genesis53481d ago

Well Metacritic are you going to get of user scores? They seem to be completely useless now.

Lifendz3481d ago

to either require people to sign up for the site OR not allow user scores before the game is out? Either way it doesn't matter. It's not like I go to the site and look at user reviews anyway.

mikeslemonade3481d ago

Psh... like Halo Wars is a even trade off to Killzone 2. Try Halo Wars and Splinter Cell.

The Killer3481d ago

already people knows that halo wars will be at best AA game, it cant be compared to killzone 2! they should compare halo wars with command and conquer 3!

phosphor1123480d ago

should need a full game review, not just the ability to put in a score, and mods should have to approve it for it to count.

gameplayer3480d ago

how utterly useless and meaningless does your life have to be to go around giving ANY game an artificially low score?

Milky Joe3480d ago

Yeah, this isn't helping anybody.

But 0.8 is pretty funny.

I think the best thing to do is to find the lowest rated 360 game and boost the score up. Just for a laugh.

Bubble Buddy3480d ago

Woah never seen it before 0.8. Metacritic has always been a stupid site. But seriously, this is getting out of hand...

gaffyh3480d ago

How are the fanboys organising themselves??? They should fight in real wars lol.

jadenkorri3480d ago

so who started this, looks like it was 360 fanboys, yay, so, their still so pissed off in buying MS's 360, so 360 fanboys aren't happy, they spent all that money, endured the rrod, and still pissed off, rather than taking it against MS, they take it where they can, the ps3, and its own fanboys...Your obviously not happy, if you spend your time doing crap like this, seriosuly, take a look in the mirror, are you proud of yourself, well you shouldn't, being a fanboy is not something to be proud of, to prove it, tell a girl your a ps3/360 fanboy, im sure they will be impressed....lastly, if you believe your console is superior to the other, then you don't need to spend every day of your life shoving it in other peoples faces...

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MainEv3nt 693481d ago

whats the next game god of war 3 then halo odst?

Bnet3433481d ago

lol don't you think this is funny? I find this amusing. The back and forth thing, it's awesome. Funny how the article states a popular website N4G. LOL we are better then GAF ...

InMyOpinion3481d ago

As long as they don't post game spoilers like they did with Gears of War 2 I'm fine.

Sergeant Osiris3481d ago

like the fanboy who specifically made an account called "nathan hale dies"?

Gun_Senshi3480d ago

like gears has anything to spoil -_-

Lon3wolf3480d ago

I hope that doesn't happen in Resistance 2 I aint played it yet.

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milkyway3481d ago

funny how quickly they got revenge

GiantEnemyCrab3481d ago

It's been like that for awhile now except 360 fans didn't whine about it.

It's only when the PS3 fans starting crying did this article show up.

kazuma3481d ago

seriously, what are you? 12?
this crap started when 360, READ CAREFULLY 360, fans sabotaged littlebigplanet user score. then ps3 fans sabotaged gears of war 2 and it went on for weeks.

it started again with 360, READ CAREFULLY 360, fans sabotaged killzone2 score.
seriously, you're calling sony fans of being whiners?
how about calling 360 fans of jealous users? did you even consider that? when 360 fans started both of the times? damn son, you're messed up.

Zeevious3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

. . . Only why Metacrtitic won't END IT?

They claimed they where preventing this type of FanBrat sabotage TWO months simply not letting any user post a review score before release date.

That's all of one LINE of code:
Check DateNow;Release; IF (DateNow => Release) {HideRateButton;IgnorePost}
(yeah yeah...I'll fix the code in a service-pack update - ;)

Since the release date is clearly displayed & in each titles database record the excuse is either:

- Metacritic's IT/Site staff is incompetent.
- Metacritic is intentionally allowing this behavior for increased hits & ad-revenue.

Children will be children but Metacritic is that annoying parent sitting in that booth next to you at a restaurant...letting their 11teen kids run around screaming.

One line of code...Two months later...There is NO excuse.

Halochampian3481d ago

read carefully to my comment:

This has been going on for years on other sites. It happened with Halo 3 which was before LBP. Dont try to make it sound like one side is better than the other.

Both sides sicken me. If you havent played the game, dont give it a score. It is as simple as that.

SaberEdge3481d ago

Yeah, it had been going on for a long time before LittleBigPlanet, so don't act like PS3 fanboys are the victims here. Both sides had been at it for a while, and it's stupid. I wish people would stop posting scores unless they have actually played the game and are sincere.

power of Green 3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Don't bother there is no getting through to him. This stuff has been going on before LBP was even announced. lol

They seem out of control due to PS3's performance in many area's.

agentace3481d ago

to be fair i think thats just because halo 3 is crap

kevanio093481d ago

Got my ps3 for christmas, I cannot find a single fps for the ps3 that comes close to halo 3, I would say unreal 3, but thats on the 360 now. Resistance is nowhere near as good, it's far to generic ( I am on about 1 and 2).

NickIni3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )


Are you serious?

You call Resistance generic when comparing it to Halo 3...dear god.

Almost every shooter that's been released since Halo 3 has been better than it IMO, except a few obviously *cough*Haze*cough*. CoD4/WaW are tenfold better than Halo, and don't even mention R2. But what ever floats your boat I guess.

kazuma3480d ago

oh yeah that's right, i forgot about halo 3 lol
well it's the same stuff stop accusing one side when clearly both sides are idiotic, if one of the sides is so superior then they wouldn't even touch the user scores (ya know, the mature way to handle things)

@power of Green
you're actually calling other people biased and thick-headed?

"I'm a realist with preference for Xbox and wouldn't be a gamer if it wasn't for the top notch social gaming and feature's Microsoft provides. MS has the best Adult Social gaming for casual gamers in the world."

LOL, thank you that made my day, good wake-up jokes =D

YogiBear3480d ago

You are the biggest tool on this site. Go play your 360

Bubble Buddy3480d ago

The only innocent ones here are the wii people, err, not playing gmaes. :)

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GiantEnemyCrab3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

haha. Look at those reports! Yes, only accept these garbage news articles if it's a poor poor PS3 game.

The other was approved so why shouldn't this one?

EDIT: This is not about the reports for bad editing. I agree with those. "Disappointly"? Come on, learn some basic english if your going to submit a story to a mainly english site.

red5ive3481d ago

u just like to sound off to get attention don't u?

DeZimatoR3481d ago

'You're', not 'Your'.


BTW, 0.8, damn...