Illinois brings back prohibition ... in videogames

Just when you thought your days of enjoying malt liquor in videogames would never end, along comes Illinois to crush your alcoholic fun. Yes, despite there never really being many instances of this, Illinois has decided to ban any and all references to liquor in videogames. This will definitely make America a better place somehow.

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GiantEnemyCrab3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

*shakes head

Ugh, America. The sad thing is that either this will force developers to reconsider having alcohol references in games for everyone because of this one misguided state/law. Or gamers will have to cross state lines or buy off the internet certain games because they won't be able to sell them locally.

Great games like Bioshock, which has several booze references, would not be sold.

I feel this could effect all of us gamers because dev's will either need to make a special censored version for one state in America or cut it completely. Seems like it's cheaper and easier just to remove it completely. I guess they could just not release the game in that state but that seems unlikely.

Isn't this the reason we have the ESRB? M = Mature!


Another thing I was thinking is how will this effect HOME? Sully's Bar? I'm not sure if Sony already has age restrictions on those things but it seems like they would have to remove the ability completely for anyone in that state to access it.