WAR's PvE Dungeon Guide part 3

The trusty Herald for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has once again delved back into the game's non-PvP content. Though WAR is built around the massive Realm vs. Realm systems developed by Mythic Entertainment, there are numerous Player vs. Environment options available to gamers who want something a little more traditional. This is actually the third of these guides to roll out to the Warhammer site. The first dealt with low-level treks like the Altdorf sewers and The Sacellum, while the second delved into mid-level dungeons probably very familiar to WAR veterans (Gunbad, Bastion Stair, etc.).

This newest entry, then, tackles some of the highest-level instances in the game. Most of these in turn are actually connected to the aforementioned Realm vs. Realm systems, and are only accessible from within captured Capital cities. The exception is the Elven Lost Vale, a six-man level 40 encounter off the coast of Avelorn's coast. Otherwise dungeon rundown number three tackles locales in the Capitals like The Elysium, the Screaming Cat Tavern, and the two massive palaces the dominate the player cities.

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