2008 The year of favoritism?

An article on GamesOnSmash reads "GameTrailers has done it again. Is it us or do you notice that all these big gaming sites are showing favoritism to systems and franchises that don't deserve it. The latest, was GameTrailers announcement of Game of the year."

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TOO PAWNED3516d ago

Meh, people are givinig too much importance to this. Who cares really what GT did? This is what THEY think, not GT community.
I really don't care about GOTY awards, it ain't gonna change anything in my mind or make me go buy some crappy game that they hype.

GT love GTA4, omg big deal. Let's move on

dericb113516d ago

Online communities this information is useless. But for the consumer who doesn't read reviews or know much about games the media tells them this is the must have game to have. Look at the Wii. That system has nothing much in terms of games but the media will say it the greatest system ever (Note: I said "Greatest" because I have heard some people say that crap.) On another note its a big slap in the face of the PS3 because it says that the 360 has games GTAVI which are better then MGS4.

MasFlowKiller3516d ago

OK GT Has proven to the gaming community how unreliable it its but at least it took them longer then gamespot and know, but that all set and done now we have the privilege of watching kokaku destroy its self, so who cares about GT, lets just watch kotaku fall and burn now

Liger3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Another day, another crybaby PS3 fanboy writes an article and submits it to N4G. Yeah, don't listen to the professionals, read my amateur blog for the TRUE Playstation news(sarcasm). Sounds alot like a Jonestown scenario. It's just a matter of time til that "kool-aid" kicks in.

Agent VX3516d ago

Oh.... Boo-Hoo!!! Sounds like another whinny fanboy with some small space out in cybernet didn't have his game or system win GOTY.


kewlkat0073516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Too Pwned - "Who cares really what GT did? This is what THEY think, not GT community. "

dericb11 - Online communities this information is useless.

MasFlowKiller - "OK GT Has proven to the gaming community how unreliable it its"

What, Who made all 3 of you Chief of the "Online Community" you guys so speak for? I'm sure if it was "Metal Gear Solid 4" it would bring a tear to your eyes..

That's right, too many Indians trying to play Chief, on N4G.

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tatotiburon3516d ago

hahaha and GT was the only site tha gave GOTY award to GTAIV?? lol GTAIV owns 2008, this game have more GOTY awards than any other game.

Graphics Whore3516d ago

Ahah, no it doesn't you might wanna read the internet's fine print a bit more closely.

power of Green 3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

GT shows the performance differences between the 360 and PS3, that is why fanatics try to make them look bad all the time(just one of a few).

This goes back to what I was saying in repsonse to PS3 fans saying the media is bashing PS3. I said the media simply no longer fears the backlash from PS3 fans because they sense the 360 pulling away. This allows them to take hits(telling the truth, not ignoring PS3 blunders etc) because the 360 fanbase will be the primary one, not the smaller PS3 one(little to no reputation damage from a much smaller niche of fanatics)).

Graphics Whore3516d ago

Power of green, you ARE one of those intolerable niche fanatics lol.

3sq3516d ago

Your avatar??? LMAO!

Sonyslave33516d ago

lol this site is so pro sony and they complaining about favoritism

BlackSpartan1873516d ago

Before GTA4, I only beat GTA3, I did not beat GTA San Andreas, or GTA Vice City, I got tired of the game and would trade it in for something else. But, when I got GTA 4, I really enjoyed it, I beat it once and now I am playing it again. I really enjoyed the more realistic approach to the series without all the extra stuff like rampage, firetruck mini games, etc. GTA 4, had the best virtual city than any game ever, every time I play it I see a different person I never seen before or find an area I did not see in previous play throughs. The story and characters was the best in the serious, the other GTA stories and characters was loosely base on tv shows, movies, and stereotypes. But this GTA, had an original story that I could really get into. I think GTA 4 was the best in the serious and I can not wait until for DLC ( bikers FTW, it would be the first time a game is focus being in a biker gang, should be interesting). So I can see why this game receive a lot of GOTY awards. Because the game industry see what I see when I played the game. Now I admit the online suck, but that was not the companies main focus. But they definitely delivered one of the best single player experience in gaming history. Now do not miss quote me I said one of, not the best.

bomboclaat_gamer3516d ago

nah. u guys just mad cuz mgs4 didnt get anything. quit b1tching. ive never seen so much whiners in my life.

RememberThe3573516d ago

Yes you did. I think you need to stop smokin cuz it's killing your brain.

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