Firing Squad: GeForce GTX 295 Early Performance Test Review

Firing Squad writes: "For the past six months NVIDIA's been racing to shrink their entire GPU lineup to 55-nm. With the company currently embroiled in a price war with ATI, shrinking their graphics lineup from 65-nm to 55-nm is extremely important to improving the company's bottom line. The smaller process benefits NVIDIA by reducing their manufacturing costs, while consumers also benefit thanks to reduced power consumption (and thus heat output). In theory, this also opens the door to improved overclocking chances as well, although in the case of TSMC's 55-nm process, many of the high performance features found at 65-nm are removed in order to minimize costs.

In any case, shifting GPU production from 65-nm to 55-nm is a win-win for NVIDIA and the consumer."

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Jonray3424d ago

nice, but whats better this card or the 4870x2...
also i feel so poor with a p4 with ddr1.. and agp... AGP! WTF i need a a new motherboard.

TABSF3424d ago

i would say this is way better than the 4870 X 2 because it has double the memory, double the cores, doubles the bandwidth of the GTX 280 and that was almost the same or just better than 4870 X 2

only problem is it requires a lot of power even when idle

GIJeff3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

this one is 2 260's...making it slower than the 4870x2 in higher resolutions, which is where this market is. There's not much point in these cards if you aren't running higher than 1600x1200. Don't get me wrong, this is a great card, but just not quite as fast as the 4870x2 in higher resolutions/AA.

oh, and the 4870x2 mops the floor with the 280. The single 4870 is = to 260gtx. Should read more. :)