PCGH: GOTY 08 - Role-playing games

Fallout 3, Mass Effect or Lich King - 2008 spawned several high-class games. So which titles are the 10 best RPGs of the year?

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Panthers3430d ago

This is PC only.

Is Fallout 3 really that good? I found Oblivion to be quite boring and FO3 gameplay looks boring as well. Especially the way you can pause and pick a shot...

I play RPGs for the story, and I just dont like Western RPGs stories. Still, I am thinking about trying it out.

TheIneffableBob3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

Fallout 3 is okay. I hated Oblivion, though. The story was pretty lackluster (TERRIBLE ending(s)--who cares if there are a kabajillion different endings if all of them are unsatisfying), but the gameplay was decent. It's pretty much a shooter with RPG elements, though. You don't feel as involved with your character as you do in other RPG games.

patterson3430d ago

Lack of story and one dimensional characters = glorified tech demo.

Homicide3429d ago

The Witcher has an amazing story; it's surprising for a WRPG.

farhsa20083429d ago

fallout 3 is awesome, you would be stupid not to get it.

QQcrybaby3429d ago

Lack of story in WRPG's? No one here has played Planescape, Baldur's Gate or Fallout I take it.