GameStop to stop accepting Xbox trade-ins on February 9

Destructoid: "GameStop will quit accepting trade-ins of original Xbox games, accessories and systems on February 9. The information comes from an internal memo sent out earlier this week. According to a few managers that we've talked to thus far, GameStop will continue selling Xbox stuff until the stocks are toast.

Some stores are receiving signs to indicate the change. We have yet to receive advanced specifics on the wording, color, font, or size of the signs. Chances are they will be boring and won't comment on the pitiful amount of money Xbox trade-ins have netted consumers over the last three years. The signs almost certainly won't advise consumers that corporate officials (presumably) grin little shark-toothed grins whenever a person hands off a console to be resold at a greatly inflated price."

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MGOelite3393d ago

does it mean 360 or xbox original?

Premonition3393d ago

It says the word originals in like the 2nd line in the sentence.

No FanS Land3393d ago

originals think about this, why would they continue business with an obsolete console? no flame bait here, just to say that the original Xbox has no market anymore.

cereal_killa3393d ago

Its just the original Xbox since M$ is no longer making games for the system there is no reason to keep accepting games from people when they can even sell what they have what they should do is donate some of the systems and games to under privileged children and maybe children s hospital units and foster homes to reduce some of there stock.

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DarkSniper3393d ago

Soon enough Gamestop should start to discontinue Xbox 360 console trade ins. Dark Sniper is sure that Gamestop customers are tired of buying defected consoles from their store.


wwedx3393d ago

how much do they give for orginal xbox stuff any ways $1.00?

OSIRUSSS3393d ago

GS should keep taking XBOX trade ins. Its a better made system than the current version.

San anto3393d ago

100% fact.
No argument.

Covenant3393d ago

The 360s that were pre-Falcon/Jasper, for sure. Since then, the dreaded RRoD seems to have lessened a bit. (So far, my Falcon 360 Elite (from Oct 2007) has been flawless (crosses fingers)).

I can say that while I've been through multiple 360s, I had two original Xboxes (LAN parties FTW!) that were played to DEATH...ten and twelve hour sessions were a regular thing...and neither one ever failed me. Sold one to a friend (two controllers + two games for $75) and got $140 in store credit for the other (with multiple games and accys) at a used game store (NOT Gamestop...I knew better).

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The story is too old to be commented.