Bjorn3d: Kingston HyperX TC DDR3 1600 Review

Bjorn3d writes: "Kingston Technology Company, Inc. has been an industry leader in computer memory technology arena for as long as some people can remember. Producing high quality ram since 1987 Kingston has been in on every phase of computer memory manufacturing, worth mentioning that we can think of. Then some time back they started producing enthusiast level memory with their HyperX line. We have seen HyperX and tested HyperX and we'd have to say HyperX is some seriously great ram."


+ Great Performance
+ Looks Nice
+ Ran Really Cool
+ Performed As Well As If Not Better Than The Dominator Kit
+ Very Stable
+ Plug And Play
+ System Was Snappier


- DDR3 Triple Channel In General Is A little Expensive

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