Bjorn3d: Corsair Dominator TC DDR3 1866 Review

Bjorn3d writes: "Corsair is one of the most predominate memory manufacturers in the industry. They have moved into the Triple Channel memory market designed for Core i7 and its low voltage DDR3 needs (1.65v is the accepted voltage limit on Core i7). Not only have they moved into that market segment, they've brought their top of the line enthusiast memory, the Dominator series, into the picture. The Dominator series has been a favorite among enthusiasts for quite a while now. Featuring tight timings and the distinctive Dominator black look and sporting the Dual-path Heat Xchange (DHX) heat sinks, they're an imposing sight."


+ Ease Of Setup
+ Overclocked Well at Stock Volts
+ Ran Nice And Cool With The Included Fan Kit
+ IHX (Integrated Heat Exchanger) Provides Some Nice Eye Candy
+ Corsair Quality
+ Lifetime Warranty
+ Did We Mention Blazing Speed


- Triple Channel Memory Is A Little Expensive
- May Have Spoiled Us For Life

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