WoW Insider: Around Azeroth: Inner fire

WoW Insider writes:

"How vain are blood elves? Well, Niohdor of <Kalimdors Legion> on Hydraxis is so vain, he probably thinks this post is about him. Wait ... it is. Okay, he's so vain that he's hired a team of gnome magicians to give him a constant sparkly glow effect, like that vampire is supposed to have in those ridiculous Twilight books. (Before the flames, I'll note that I read them and actually enjoyed the first two before it all turned into terrible fanfiction. How can anyone actually find the whole "I love you! But I must leave in case I hurt you! No, I can't stand to be apart! Damn everyone else, we're meant to be!" thing attractive? Why can't people take their romantic cues from Casablanca instead and realize that there are more important things in the world than being in love?)"

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