A Second Open Letter to Cliff Bleszinski and Epic Games

JustPressPlay: "Six months ago, I posted an article called "Mr. Bleszinski, Hear My Plea." The article was a detailing of then-recent events I had dealt with on Gears of War's ranked multiplayer modes. I wrote about glitchers, douchebags and spoiled brats playing the game and ruining it for everyone else. I talked about the players' "absurd level of freedom," as in their ability to cheat and get away with it without being penalized.

Well, Gears of War 2 has been out for almost two months now, and not much has changed."

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MasFlowKiller3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

In the eyes of the media
Gears Of War 2 is perfect, it was a kick as tittle but how are developers suppose to improve if all the media does is kiss their A$$, just look at gametrailers i almost thought gears came out every week of the years last year

prunchess3512d ago

I got it with a used 360 I bought and have just about completed it and I've found the game play to be repetitive and not very exciting. Sure it's easy on the eye but I expect more from a current gen game.

I just can't see the attraction to this game. Why does everyone keep banging on about it?

caladbolg7773512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

... when they've already got your money? You poor, poor saps.

What does Epic gain by putting time and money in to fixing the game's issues after release? Gears 2 has already received its critical acclaim, millions of people have already purchased the "faulty" product, and millions of people are going to purchase the next installation (Gears 3) regardless of bug fixes.

littletad3512d ago

Is a disgrace. It has in my opinion, the most glitches in any game ever. It's unplayable, period.

Thatlalala3512d ago

Agreed, I hate seeing this game in Multiplayer game of the year nominees, because for one IT still doesn't work with my router, even though hmm Left 4 Dead, Cod4&5,Halo 3, Gta4, Dead or Alive 4, Resistance 2, MGO, LBP all work. Two when I do get in a game (has to be wingman splitscreen for it to work) the game is so glitched out, that I've been Melee'd and grendade tagged through walls (No lie) and I've seen my shotgun's blast hit the ground when I aim at the sun (WTF?). Gears 2 is broke.

Kleptic3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

I just got back from gamespot (i know) to pre-order Killzone 2, in order to get the demo...I counted 32 used Gears 2 boxes for sale...that was more than any other title combined (second from what I noticed was Fallout 3, which was about 15 total, between both consoles)...

nearly everyone you talk to about Gears 2 online is pissed...this is very unlike Epic...hell UT3 on the PS3 had better support than this; at least Rein would get back to people...

you absolutely have to admit though...all this is rather funny considering what Cliffy said about beta tests, and how they are generally for 'lesser developers'...

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Sonyslave33512d ago

another noob complain about getting owned in gears

Itrguy0013512d ago

play it then [email protected] and see if u dont get ownd and not cry. my friends have all experienced the glitches and they got screwed in online matches

littletad3512d ago

I doubt it, therefore you don't know what the hell your talking about. My cousin and I tested each glitch and their legit. The game is unplayable, so talking smack about skill is useless.

Enigma_20993512d ago

YOU must be one of the douchebags he complained about....

Radiodread3512d ago

You want great online as well as great single player campaigns, go buy a ps3 to experience them.

El Zorro Rojo3512d ago

What game would you be talking about?

Resistance sure as heck isn't it. Don't get me wrong, it is a pretty decent game but it isn't nearly as good as Gears 2.

dktxx23512d ago

El Zorro, Resistance 2 is more than comparable to Gears 2, especially the multiplayer. Resistance 2 has few glitches (if any), virtually no lag, and is absolute fun. Gears 2 is a glitchfest. Its a shame too, because the multiplayer would be great, but if only there were less technical issues.

chanto233512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

i'm not so sure about that...graphically, Gears 2 looks better but both campaings where really solid. The multiplayer aspect PLAYS way better on resistance 2 without the lag and glitches of Gears 2, plus their is an incentive to keep playing R2 online since you keep leveling up and unlocking skins, weapons etc etc. Gears 2 would've been in the same level of fun online-wise if it wasn't for the broken matchmaking system and the frequent lag issues.

@above...LOL we posted at the same time saying almost the same thing

littletad3512d ago

If your talking about graphics and the campaign, then yes the game is good. The multiplayer would also be killer, if it was played the way it was meant to be. But it's not. Host cheats, lag, and glitches just run too rampant.

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SprayandPreycom3512d ago

ya 5% you might get glitched or cheated 95% your just getting pwned ...

DragonWarrior465343512d ago

Gears 2 is crap,, plain and simple. The weapons are far from balanced. Also, shooting someone with half a clip from a lancer should kill instantly. No last stand bullsh*t unless it was a perk. Its funny because there really isn't any reason for leveling up.. You get what you see in the very first match you play. There is no depth at all.

MiloGarret3512d ago

I disagre with your entire post, but I'll focus on this statement: "There is no depth at all."

Put a first time player against me or any other semi-gifted geow2 player, you'll instantly understand the depth of this game, the skill it takes to actually become good. Now do the same thing with COD, you'll notice that the difference between the average and the best players is much smaller in COD as well as most other shooters. Notice I said most...

The beauty of this game is not acquiring new weapons or outfits, its that every time you play it, you learn something new.

It has many flaws that should be fixed, but it remains my undisputed favourite MP game, by far.

tatotiburon3512d ago

hahah you want to kill somebody will half of a clip?? hahaha thanks for the laft

El Zorro Rojo3512d ago

DragonBOy, why don't you keep your mouth shut, since you obviously don't have a clue what you are talking about. You sound like a stupid fanboy who just wants to rip on Gears 2 because it is successful.

I play Gears 2 all the time and I have not encountered any glitches. I know that there are a few there, just like there is in any game, but you retards who exaggerate things don't know what you are talking about.

Gears 2 is awesome and is one of the best games I have ever played.

DragonWarrior465343512d ago

Dont get left 4 Dead. Its a good game, but not worth the 65 bones. Also, I never said anything about the game having glitches. Its just crap. I said it doesn't have any depth. The only thing you get out of playing the game is a win or a loss. At least you can get differnt guns and perks in COD. You actually get a feeling of accomplishment in COD.

To the guy who called me a boy. Im 27 with a gorgeous wife, 3 beautiful kids, a house, land, 2 boats, a van and a 2004 corvette. Im far from a boy. I got your boy dangling sideways. Just so you know, Ive been gaming since I was 4. Ive enjoyed games from the Atari 2600 to the 360, Wii, and the PS3. Ive had consoles you probably never even heard of. I dont care about what games are successful or not, what system they are on, and even if they have multiplayer or not. Im a old school, original gamer. I was gaming when people didn't consider it to be cool. Ive been labeled as a geek for playing Madden and NBA live. Ive owned damn near ever game to come to America. I dont like Gears because it doesn't do what most games that I buy do for me, Satisfy me.

Sure, the game does some things real well, but in the end its not better then any game that was released before in recent years. Its definitely over hyped, and most of all, the gameplay is horrid, the controls are sluggish, and again, my main reason for not liking it is because it is severely unbalanced. This is the way Gears works. The first to the boomer usually wins. Or the team who does a better job of staying in a pack to win buy numbers is the victor. In COD, I could be the last one in a game of Search with 5 enemies left, and I could take them all out with my pistol and knife.. That that is satisfying. F*ck Gears. Hey it does make a great cup coaster though.

ry-guy3512d ago

You may be who you say you are but you are obviously a novice at message boards. First off, when someone insults your age you should not be inclined to give your life story. No one cares. In fact, I'm more inclined NOT to believe you own all that crap. Why the heck would you feel the need to be on message boards defending your internet honor when you have three kids to take care of, a wife to pleasure, and (what it sounds like) money to burn.

You have valid point but something in your original post leads me to believe you only have a cursory knowledge about Gears mutliplayer.

"Its funny because there really isn't any reason for leveling up.."

There is no leveling up in Gears2. Period.

One valid complaint you do have is that in games it is the largest numbers that win. You quickly realize that you can't win if you spread out. Chainsaws are WAY overpowered.

One thing I do not like about mutliplayer is no ability to add a crosshair (even a dot!) for aiming without pulling the left trigger. Also if I'm aiming my damage should increase and not decrease. Shooting from the hip bonuses include being able to move quickly, flipping and jumping, and increased damage. Aiming rarely even increase accuracy but reduces damage and reduces mobility. That doesn't make sense from a balance stand point. If I want to aim, my accuracy and damage should go up and reduce my mobility.

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