Programmer reveals cause of Zune blunder

The Zune's real-time clock stores the time in terms of days and seconds since January 1st, 1980. When the Zune's clock is accessed, the driver turns the number of days into years/months/days and the number of seconds into hours/minutes/seconds. Likewise, when the clock is set, the driver does the opposite.

The Zune frontend first accesses the clock toward the end of the boot sequence. Doing this triggers the code that reads the clock and converts it to a date and time. Below is the part of this code that determines the year component of the date:

Under normal circumstances, this works just fine. The function keeps subtracting either 365 or 366 until it gets down to less than a year's worth of days, which it then turns into the month and day of month. Thing is, in the case of the last day of a leap year, it keeps going until it hits 366. Thanks to the if (days > 366), it stops subtracting anything if the loop happens to be on a leap year. But 366 is too large to break out of the main loop, meaning that the Zune keeps looping forever and doesn't do anything else.

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jack who3428d ago

i love how ms said this was the problem but every one went NOOOOO ITS NOT YOUR LIEING

uie4rhig3428d ago

tho i'd rather see it as a new years gift from MS to zune owners :P

Moentjers3428d ago

whoehahahaha, classic endless loop.
tssss, blame it on the test-team (Toshiba ?) !

JohnnyChimpo3428d ago

Another faulty peice of hardware from MS. And yet you continue to support, there's an old saying, it goes " Get off their nuts "

Bladestar3427d ago

"hardware"... bahhh.. not even worth explaining to someone that can't tell the difference between software and hardware...

Genius... The problem was in the code.. not on the hardware...

This is the reason why this is no longer an issue... and it was fix without doing anything...

Remember SOCOM issues? Home connection issues? None of them are related to the PS3 "hardware" but the software that needs to be fix...

Many of these bugs are hard to detect specially if they are not properly test... and this specific problem might scape someone that's writing thousands of lines of code.

Xlll3427d ago

Bladestar Home and Socom issues were due to volume not lack of testing the software they used on zune. If your going to call someone a moron please try and make your comment valid.

VMAN_013428d ago

Zune became self aware.

BLuKhaos3427d ago

It realized it was a M$ product and tried to kill itself.

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The story is too old to be commented.