RewiredMind Review: You're In The Movies

RewiredMind writes: "The Xbox Live Vision Camera has been under-used and no mistake. To rectify that, Microsoft are attempting to open up a new sub-genre of their own, with You're In The Movies. The only man that can rival my moustache's awesomeness - Burt Reynolds - has been hired to help promote it, so it just cannot be bad, can it?

The basic concept of You're In The Movies is that using your Xbox Live camera and the processing power of the Xbox 360, your actions can be recorded and cut into a movie trailer with a relative level of believability, dependant on your actions. In short, this means that you'll be playing ridiculously simple mini-games, pulling faces and carrying out specific tasks such as "walking cockily" for several rounds, before the game splices you into the final trailer for your blockbuster hit."

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