Bit-tech: Top Five Console Games of the Year 2008

Bit-Tech writes: "Tim has promised me this is the last list I'll have to do (for 2008 at least – Ed), as this last week or two I've been doing more Top 10s than a DJ on BBC Radio One.

Still, whining aside, this has been a great year for console gamers – arguably a better one than it has been for PC players in many regards. Not only has there been a host of big-budget releases like Grand Theft Auto IV and Little Big Planet, but there's also been a regular influx of independent titles making their way to the consoles – games like Braid and N+.

If you ask us then our Top Five games of the year would probably have to feature a few of those titles too, as that's not only where we've seen the most innovation this year, but also where games have impacted us most directly. I could write another ten pages all about Braid and how it was, for me, the highlight of the gaming year... but I won't."

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Beg For Mercy3430d ago

but this list fails because it list gta4 as game of the year that is so far from the truth its pathetic im not even gonna bring up metal gear solid 4