What the Xbox 360 Needs To Accomplish In 2009

That Gaming Site writes: "With the year already in motion, we see Sony readying their arsenal, but what about Microsoft? When it comes to the Xbox 360 we believe Microsoft has essentially "strayed" from the path a bit. Here are a few things we believe Microsoft......"

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MURKERR3480d ago

price wont help as much in 2009 due to the pricedrop we all know ps3 will have

Elven63480d ago

Correct! Another point highlighted in the article, exclusives will get people to purchase consoles, the PS2 and on a closer note the original Xbox are prime examples of that.

InMyOpinion3480d ago

I don't agree. I think multiplats matter just as much. Let's say you want to play FIFA or Fight Night with your friends. Two popular titles among casual gamers. You have two options, pay $199 or $399 to play them?

If you just care about playing the games and have no big interest in blu-ray, wifi compability, online features and other stuff like that then the choice seems pretty easy.

thor3480d ago

I agree with Jenzo. The average console owner spends all that money on a console, 1 or 2 games, and that's it. Let's say they are interested in a $hitty game that they've been pumping out of their automated FIFA generating machine, or the same exact guitar hero packaged with yet more peripherals and some different songs, or even quality multiplatform games such as Prince of Persia, COD5, Fallout 3 and the like. For you or I, the price of a console isn't much compared to the games we buy for it, and we're interested in all the games the console has to offer; we don't like to miss out on any great exclusives. But for them, it's a choice of
1) Play FIFA 2009 for $250
2) Play FIFA 2009 for $450

When you put it like that, the choice is clear. They probably won't care enough to want to play online, and if they did, they wouldn't have considered that they might have to pay for wifi and the online service itself, so it wouldn't factor in their purchase. MS have played it very wisely, but it's a very common business practice - razor and blades. They can charge what they like for the blades (XBL), then drop the price of the razor accordingly to lure people in.

SONYFantard3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

What the Xbox 360 Needs To Accomplish In 2009?
...Jump-Out the window

creeping judas3480d ago

You joined N4G a day ago, you're already at 6 bubbles. So obviously you're one of these multi account members here, bubbling yourself up. Cause no sane PS3 fanboy is going to give you bubbles.

power of Green 3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Too late Sony lost the Popular opinion war and the devs support war.

Off-topic: LOL at the mod or PS3 fans deleting my comment in the 360 maxed out thread.

In the "Red Faction Maxes out Xbox 360 - Volition turn to Xbox 720"

Read what #1.4 said about GT5 and PS3...

Shadow Flare3480d ago

360 can just ride the 2 months success (in USA) because when PS3 gets a good price cut, it will outsell 360 worldwide once again. Just like it did before 360 got its 2nd price cut in 2008. Why did 360 need another price cut last year? Because ps3 was outselling it worldwide week after week after week. At a higher pricepoint. 360 is cheaper then a wii now, so it can't play the price cut game anymore. Better have some good exclusive titles microsoft...oh in-house studios.

Irving3480d ago

FIFA and PES sells more copies on PS3 than 360 worldwide.

Megatron083480d ago

Shadow Flare it took the 360 3 years to drop the price 100 dollars. It took the ps3 6 months to drop the price 200 dollars. And ps3 fanboy have already declared another 100 price drop for the ps3 for this year. At the rate the ps3 price is dropping it wont be to long before they are giving them out in happy meals

SixZeroFour3480d ago

when is the ps3 gunna have their pricecut...its not as easy as you guys think...first they have to start making a profit on the ps3

i heard (sorry no links...yet) that ps3 was losing money and trying to get the softwares sold to help them make a profit or something

now if thats true, then they CANT do a pricecut becuase then they will lose a hundred dollars more than what they were losing before PER console

Microsoft was able to do their second price cut because they've already made a profit from the 360s and now every unit sold is just ADDING to the profit they made even if it is just a little..a profit is still a profit

DRUDOG3480d ago

Not my intention to start a flame war, but what they really need to do is make sure every new 360 sold won't RROD. I want one so bad, almost broke down over Xmas, but I still cannot justify paying 300 or 400 bucks (no I don't want an arcade) and have it break on me. I've seen too many friends go through the send it in get a refurb model back to put myself in the same position.

Again, seriously, not trying to start a fight here. I just wish there was no such thing as the RROD so I can play some Gears, Fable 2 and L4D...

Thatlalala3479d ago

Just release Mass Effect DLC or even better the Sequel and I'll be happy.

Shadow Flare3479d ago

megatron, so you think sony should have kept the price at $600? When everyone was begging for a price cut? Great business man you'd make

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GWAVE3480d ago

360 needs exclusive games, but in the eyes of the gaming media, the 360 doesn't "need" anything. The 360 can do no wrong, it seems, despite hardware that STILL fails, a widening gap between the 360 and the PS3's graphics, and an overall lack of exclusive titles. Yet, the media choir still sings its praises.

cereal_killa3480d ago

Agreed the 360 needs more exclusives, stop wasting money on worthless DLC that no one is interested in anymore, Demo exclusives and going after Sony's games. Worry about your own, M$ needs to start investing in new IPs that get people excited that they own a 360 I for one see nothing except the odd game here and there for 2009 on the 360 most of the games I can't wait to get is multiplat titles and Ninja Blade I just hope that M$ shows something worth getting soon and not another Sony Game going multi platform.

MasFlowKiller3480d ago

GamePro, Kotaku and Gametrailers then you are right but there are still some good sites out there

Megatron083480d ago

Its funny the 360 actually has more exclsuive then the ps3 so how is it that the 360 needs exlcusive so badly ? The 360 will probably end up with more exclusives then the ps3 again this year.

krazy14kraz3480d ago

GOT DAMN this article does it alright. haha
But Xbox needs to expand their mission.

krazy14kraz3480d ago

GOT DAMN this article does it alright. haha

What the hell do I mean by this. hhhmmmm
Every time I comment on a story I write like I am high. lol

Rockstar3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

A little more research on the Jasper (wait to see), if that looks good...
Maybe then I will "Jump In"

Elven63480d ago

That would be a magic pricepoint on the unit, but of course the Arcade is going to get more cuts since it advertises better plus would be able to compete further with the Wii and PS2 market.

MasFlowKiller3480d ago

The Only Problem MS Is Facing is the lack of HDD, lets face it more then haft of 360 user by now own a 360 with no harddrive, the big spike in sales is not because of the elite, its proven that tittle that have access to a hdd look better and sometimes even play better more fluent.

Graphics Whore3480d ago

In general, I'm not being specific, consoles need a price cut and more creative exclusive games, that's all it takes, it isn't magic.

"The Xbox 360 uses a custom version of DirectX, taking the elements of 9 and mixing them with those featured in 10. Developers such as Massive Entertainment have gone on record as saying many of the effects seen in DirectX 10 games are indeed possible on consoles if given the time and resources. Sony seems to have pulled it off, why isn’t Microsoft?"

It's not direct X and they have pulled it off.

"The Xbox 360 is capable of much more despite being “maxed out”, Microsoft needs to lead the charge and show developers what the Xbox 360 is still capable of"

Xbox 360 isn't maxxed out, perhaps hardware wise but not yet, you can't put a cap on creativity and imagination.

Elven63480d ago

The 360 does use DirectX libraries were not seeing the effects showcased in many games on consoles yet. The article's not saying the 360 is capped by any means, it's referring to the fan boy argument stating it's been capped.

Graphics Whore3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

The straight edge Pc architecture is leading me to believe other-wise, it's not an invalid argument, it's very forward and bold albeit accurate.

The graphics are becoming capped, the console it self is not.

"DirectX libraries" DirectX 9.

Bloom and HDR is more clever programming than DirectX10. However PS3 actually has OPENGLMTEvans, which some consider to be the successor of the DirectX franchise.