PCGH: Phenom II CPU clock up to 5.925 GHz

German overclockers tested three Phenom II CPUs and could confirm the good results. They achieved more than 5.9 GHz with a chip that was run with more than 1.9 volt. Thanks to extreme cooling they could even run benchmarks like the 3DMark 06 with more than 5 GHz.

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Clopsy3481d ago

Wow. :O
Pretty insane.

madreaper3481d ago

Thats crazy. If AMD can pull this off then maybe they can get back some of the performance respect they lost with the original Phenom release.

Blasphemy3481d ago

That's some crazy overclocking LOL. I was thinking of going Intel with my new computer when I get one but if you can overclock like this with the new Phenoms I may change my mind. Question is though is all that speed needed?

Clopsy3481d ago

I believe they seriously overclocked it. I wouldn't suggest trying to overclock it that much, considering they had to keep the thing at under -190 °C.

TheIneffableBob3481d ago

They used liquid nitrogen to keep the temperatures down. Phenom II looks to be a good overclocker, but don't expect to be able to reach 5.925 GHz. On regular cooling, your system would probably fail to boot past 4 GHz.

GIJeff3480d ago

actually, from the earlier trials, they got to 4.5 on air stable.

fossilfern3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Thats amazing but im gonna skip these Phenom IIs and wait until the AM3 Phenom 2s are out i got myself an AMD 7750BE and its pretty good OCd 3.5ghz Air but if the AM3 phenomIIS are as good as this then i cant wait to pick myself up one. But i doubt im gonna use Liquid nitrogen to OC lol