3 Best Football/Soccer Games Ever

Kickin' balls with a controller, which games do it best?

ThatGamingSite looks at the 3 best football/soccer games ever made.

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Harry1903481d ago

Pro Evo 2 is the greatest football game ever made. Both the PSX and PS2 version. Van Nistelrooy was a beast in the PS2 version. There is no way fifa 03 is best. Fifa 09 should be second and Fifa 2003 should not even be in that list.

za3redrum3481d ago

World Cup 98 and FIFA 99 for me. IIS was better then PES imo.

zdudynot3481d ago

same thing different names really

sinny3481d ago

These are the best in my opinion :

-Fifa international Soccer ( Sega Genesis )
-Super Sidekicks 2 ( Neo Geo )
-Winning Eleven 3 ( PSX )
-Winning Eleven 2002 ( PSX )
-Fifa 98 ( PSX )
-Winning Eleven 8 ( PS2 )