What Are Your 2009 Gaming Predictions?

The Koalition: The ball has finally dropped! Yes, 2009 is here and that means another year of great games, weak games, under rated games and definitely over hyped ones as well. Now the year has just started which means we can still do those silly predictions we been doing throughout the end of 2008, except now you are almost close to home so the predictions hold some weight to them. I want you to share some of your predictions with me, and below I will showcase some of mines. Keyword is some, I cant give you all of mines. We will also share your predictions on the next Co Op podcast episode as well. So bring out your inner Michael Patcher.

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MURKERR3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

my ps3 predictions=killzone will live up to the hype,ps3 will have a price cut
uncharted,gow3 and killzone will fight for best graphical awards, heavy rain will create a new niche in the market, home will get more content, blu ray will finally push ps3 sales judging by bluray adoption rate.all in all a tremendous year for sony and ps3 gamers

i wont do a 360 prediction as i no longer have one so it isnt my place to comment

resistance1003512d ago

1. Killzone 2 will sell 1 million on Day 1 and end of year sales will be at around 3-4mil

2. We will see the first film to perform better on Blu-ray than DVD

3. Home will expand and get a lot more content making it a mini system seller

4. PSN will get cross game chat and invites

5. Alan Wake will be good, but disapointing

6. Halo Wars will be the first half decent console RTS

7. Crysis will be released on PS3 and 360 at the end of the year

8. LittleBigPlanet will remain in the top 30 of sales charts throughout the whole year

9. Resi Evil 5 will sell 50% mroe copies on Xbox 360

10. Sony will annouce a Price drop on the PSP making it the same price as the DSi

11. Sony will drop the 80GB Ps3 to £225 in the UK and will bundle it will Killzone 2 in Spring

12. GTA DLC will be annouced for PS3 at the same time GTA V is annouced as a PS3 exclusive

13. God of War III will be the best looking title this year


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LostChild3512d ago

I predict, that I will have more games to add to my already large library.

Sonyslave33512d ago

nobody can predict the future hell look at all the people saying 08 going be year of the ps3 and look how that turn out. ps3 is behind the 360 even more now wtf and make it even worse they all said 360 got no games in 08 and yet it continue to outsell the ps3.