GamesOnSmash: Sonic: Unleashed Review

The blue hedgehog is back with a new title Sonic Unleashed. Developed by Team Sonic and published by Sega, the team has come back with a great new next-gen title that will actually make you love Sonic all over again, but this time around Sonic has a dark side. During the day you will be playing that original feeling early 90's Sonic, where you feel you are on a really fast intense rollercoaster experiencing beautiful environments. But then at night you turn into a big, grumpy and slow paced Sonic. It feels like there two different types of games mashed together in one disc based game. You got your original Sonic game play where you can have so much excitement and spectacular moments, but once it turns night you will have to go through some real boring times playing as the Werehog before you can play with the original Sonic again.

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