Top 5: What Wii Predict in 2009

2009 is finally here and as 2008 came to an end, the Wii took center stage as it surged ahead this holiday season in social buzz and holiday sales. Now it is time to look ahead and see what is in store for Nintendo's little white box that could. examines the top 5 predictions they have for 2009 and the Nintendo Wii.

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mastiffchild3551d ago

At e32009 Nintendo will confirm both dates for Zelda(dec 2009) and mario (late 2010)games.They will also bring back Kid Icarus and Pilotwings before years end. Capcom will almost definitely show Wii owners some Resi love with a new title announced for smetime between Q42009 and Q3 2010(they'd be stupid to ignore the install base after the great job done with the Resi4 port). It's already certain that we'll see better third party games for Wii this year(Madworld,Conduit,FFrame 4,Cursed Mountain Deadly Creatures etc, etc).

Plenty of what they say is likely just using some sense.

AWBrawler3551d ago

anyone besides me think comments like this are getting old?

Ricdog3551d ago

Another RE for wii would be awesome, please capcom make it happen. We know it would sell.

Axelay3551d ago

I predict that konami (like take two now) will come at the table because they need money like anybody else we can already see it with metal solid on iphone.