Gears of War 2: Epic Focus

The art team at Epic Games outlines their creation process for Gears of war 2 in detail

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outlawlife3484d ago


no matter your opinion of the game and the issues it has currently the fact is that epic has some of the most talented artist on hand of any dev studio

some of these guys do things that people who have worked with these software packages for years don't even understand

3d isn't easy and these guys have mastered it

CrAppleton3484d ago

They really have.. I can't imagine what the future of Epic's games will look like. If they are this good with the technology that is available to them right now, I'd like to see what they are producing in two or three years.

TheMART3484d ago

The day your mother sh!tted you out she had those exact same words:


Gaara_7243484d ago

agree with yo there :L but seriously they need to fix online recently it has been going faster (in the last week or so) so i'm guessing there doing something over at epic to fix it

dylantalon3484d ago

they should go and fix the issuses in gears of war 2 like the glitches, slow downs and the terrible online.


Fishy Fingers3484d ago

They are. They've openly admitted to the problems and have a forum thread specifically for people to list problems. Takes time though I'm afraid. Esspecially when it's been Xmas and New Year.

Fishy Fingers3484d ago

Seems the characters in the game are based around the Art Director, Chris Perna. Check out the dudes head

Ghoul3484d ago

exactly the same thought i had. that kinda explains the whole "bold" style of epic games wen the art director has such a head ^^

outlawlife3484d ago

actually that is quite possible, the similaries between he and doms profiles are a bit unnerving

but most times they do start with either a 3d scan of a generic head or a photographic texture reference

for instance the voice actor whole does cols voice looks very much like cole

john dimaggio who voices marcus also has similar facial features to the in game counterpart

Lon3wolf3484d ago

In the pic you provided I noticed that Marcus has a disc on his forearm that resemble the 360's light ring. I wonder when he is low on health whether it RROD's.

Actually playing gears 2 now and liking the improvements over the first.

PimpHandHappy3484d ago

not GOTY

but still

a great game

Wile3484d ago

There is no mention of Game of the Year in this article.

outlawlife3484d ago

if you want to break down what is mentioned then gameplay isn't mentioned at all in this

Wile3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

That is true! Nice submission by the way.

outlawlife3484d ago


a lot of folks in the industry post on the pixologic forum, lots of good stuff like this over there

i know several of the guys from ubisoft, epic, and even a few guys from lucas arts and ILM poke up every once in a while

it is a real class place and their product(zbrush) is absolutely outstanding

it has changed the workflow in 3d graphics tremendously and the best part is that it is relatively new tech

version 3.5 is supposed to arrive sometime in 09 and if it is anything like the jump from 2.5 to 3 then the industry is in for a treat

also compared to other applications in the field it is relative inexpensive, but i suspect the price to steadily rise over the next few years as it is adopted more into games due to the extensive use of normal mapping these days

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