The Laser: Singstar & Singstar: ABBA Review

The Laser writes: "Sony's Singstar series continues to expand onto different platforms and genres, and the latest trio of releases shows the versatility and appeal of the franchise. Singstar Vol. 2 marks the series' second trip onto the PS3 with a solid selection of 30 encompassing different genres and styles. There are the usual solo and multiplayer modes along with several new harmonizing game modes and access to many different tracks. Two other releases on the PS2, Singstar Legends and Singstar Country show the series adding oldies and Nashville artists to its expansive roster. Following on these releases, comes Singstar: ABBA, the first release to cover a single band, this time the well-known Swedish supergroup. All of the Singstar titles offer instantly accessible, highly-entertaining play that should appeal to casual gamers of all types and fans of all types of music."

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