The Laser: MotoGP 08 Review

The Laser writes: "Capcom's MotoGP 08 brings the excitement of professional open-wheel motorcycle racing to the PS3 in fine form. Featuring 18 licensed tracks including Laguna Seca and LeMans, players will find plenty of realistic challenges in the game's authentically rendered courses. There's also a large contingent of actual motorcycle riders, many modes of play including single races, career and online components. Players can also customize their bikes in MotoGP's garage mode to create their own unique ride. It's definitely geared towards the hardcore player, and its difficulty level is very high, which requires a great deal of skill, practice and persistence on your part. Look inside and discover that while MotoGP 08 offers a challenging experience, that's worth the effort."

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Skynetone3484d ago

seriously how made this game before capcom, im sure it wasnt capcom

i was going to pick this up, but its yet another series gone to the dogs

unless roadrash makes a return, it looks like my motorbiking days are over