RPGfan : Vakyria Chronicles Re-Release Announced

Chris Winkler writes "A budget re-release of Sega's Valkyria Chronicles will go on sale in Japan in early March. The new release of last year's popular PlayStation 3 title will include the Edie Nelson mission, which is currently only available for download (in Japan). The PlayStation 3 the Best re-release of Valkyria Chronicles will be available in Japan on March 5th for 3,990 yen ($43.78 USD)."

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TheColbertinator3515d ago

I hope the re-release is available in the west along with trophy support for Valkyria Chronicles Complete.I want more gamers to try this gem out.Truly a great sleeper hit

UNCyrus3514d ago

Best RPG of 2008 IMO... and trophy support for this title would give legs to a game than needs some attention

Information Minister3514d ago

The funny thing is that the game already has its own trophy system in the form of medals. They really need to include official trophy support for this one.

Sadly I don't think that even a budget re-release will turn this game into a sleeper hit. But hey... If the game doesn't get a western budget release, that means that in a few years my copy will be worth a lot more.

DRUDOG3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

I've been thinking about picking this up, but I've got so many games that I still haven't started let alone finished. I was hoping to see the price lowered just to finally give me an excuse to get off my butt and buy it.

I liked the demo a lot. Maybe I'll pick it up in a few months when we get into the inevitable gaming release "downtime". I don't understand why everybody has to release most of their games around Xmas. VC would've done better if it was released this spring...

EDIT: Crap, didn't know it was missing trophies. Need to patch that up now!

Yi-Long3514d ago

... but definitely not for 60 euro, which is the current price here in Holland. I'll pick this up when it hits 20-30 bucks, and probably end up loving it.

I hope they do re-release it here, for a budgetprice and more content.

It's a shame that some games just won't sell well when released at 60 euros.

Take for example NHL09. A game I really want to buy, but obviously not for 60 euro, cause I like the gameplay, but dont follow the sport and dont know the teams or players, like many MANY people in Europe. So there are lots of people here who would enjoy the gameplay of this sportsgame, but arent willing to pay 60 euro for a new game.
Obviously, when you live in America or canada and ARE a fan of the sports, they'll happily spend 60 euro on it.

The same goes for titles like this. I'm sure it's a great game, but they have to realise that not many people are willing to take a gamble on a game like this if it's 60 euro. Release it for 30 euros, and word-of-mouth does it's thing!

dexterwang3514d ago

I'm itching to try this game out! But can't find it ANYWHERE in Vancouver Canada... EB, Walmart, FS, BB, = all gone....

If anyone knows where I can find a copy plz let me know.

kewlkat0073514d ago

For aTactical RPG, on Next-Gen, then YES. I'll take "Lost Odyssey", a more traditional JRPG over this one.

I seem to dislike the Mini Micro-managing of Tactical Strategy RPGs, not that they are bad. I did try Advance Wars for NDS and it was alright. I tried the DEMO for this game and couldn't get into it.

socomnick3514d ago

Sorry but this game absolutely terrible. :/ seems that the 40 people that actually bought this game are on this site.

SaiyanFury3514d ago

It's disappointing that the original release came at a time when there were so many other great games to get. Not to mention a complete lack of marketing didn't help things.

gambare3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

coming from the guy that "bought" one PS3 and "sold it" like 7 times it's really hard to believe, VC is one if not the BEST TJRPG in 2008 and the best japanese title released. if you didn't liked it was because it wasn't released on 360. and it's obvious that you never play it, and you never will.


you won't have too much with the demo, the full game is a whole totally new experience.

meepmoopmeep3514d ago

man, that's a sweet deal.
i hope this game sells well.

would love me a sequel/prequel

Mr_President_3514d ago


Valkyria Chronicles - 86
Last Remnant - 65
Infinite Undiscovery - 68


JD_Shadow3514d ago

For starters, I think I can forgive your report on my GameGazette story since you're not like some of the other 360 fanboys on here and honesty thought that about my site (since I thought you were wrong with what you said about it), and I know you own a PS3, too. Just hoping that I'm right on that assumption, though. That report did hurt coming from you. Just stating it and bringing it up since I'm responding to one of your things (oh, and seeing what name your sharing, I could also excuse it for a satire on the other reports I got from that).

Now, on the topic, I do think this release will HAVE to get trophies because it'll be released way after that trophy mandate goes into effect. Not sure if this will be required to or not, though, seeing as how it's a re-release and all and I'm not sure about the rules regarding those. Maybe if they add to it, then the rules will apply. But unless the rules exclude re-releases, then trophy support for it is pretty much guaranteed.

barom3514d ago

yea they should re-release it over here. Maybe in the summer or some time where there's not that much competition and people are more willing to try it out.

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Le-mo3515d ago

Bring it here, please. :)

Chubear3514d ago

This game can EASILY be put on PSN as a DLable game. I'm more than confident it'll garner great sales it deserves over time.

yanikins1113514d ago

yeah wtf happened with this? ive wanted to buy it and its NOWHERE!

ravinash3514d ago

It does seem to be a very hard game to get hold of, which is a real shame considering its such a great game.
I brought mine on line.

UltimateIdiot9113514d ago

Where are you from? If you're by NYC area, they have about 5 copies left at Toys R Us Time Square. Just saw it today.

Voozi3514d ago

I'm still waiting for that DLC to come out in the US...I want to play as Selvaria ;_;

Oh and this game is made me cry 2x so far :D then another scene gave me chills down my spine haha cause it was so awesome

UltimateIdiot9113514d ago

;_; totally agree, I enjoy the story a lot.

Death3514d ago

Finding the game was a challenge, but definitely well worth it. This should be on the short list for any RPG fans that aren't afraid of a little challenge and enjoy a good story driven game. The art style in this game easily puts it on the top of the best looking games list this generation. I have no idea where SEGA has been hiding all this time, but this is some of their best work in a long time.

Go buy this game.


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