The Laser : PES 2009 Review

Michael Palisano writes "Featuring some fairly significant additions, such as the UEFA license and a new mode that lets you create and use your own player, Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is an excellent sports title that offers plenty of depth, excellent controls along with better opponent AI. PES 2009's comprehensive selection of modes offers superb variety for players of all stripes, whether you're looking for a quick match between rivals or a deeper simulation mode where you can do all-in on the details. It's a fairly excellent soccer game and delivers some intense gameplay and deep strategy as well. While PES 2009 isn't as flashy as FIFA, it retains the solid play-mechanics that have made the series so popular with players."

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jromao3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

After the wave of many biased articles where we see people under EA payment trying (again) to damage PES 2009, we see more and more the truth to came out of that dark and this review is another proof.

But this score should be more an "A-" than "B+" to be more accurate.

PES was always funtastic a awesome game, and PES 2009 is the best release ever, so why we see many reviews launched (ordered) saying PES 2009 is bad ?? Strange world populated with corrupted idiots.

Of course the truth is out there (and running now in my PS3).