The Bitbag Review: Crash Commando

The Bitbag writes: "Long before 128-bit graphics engines and BD-ROM drives, games were universally in 2D. It was what the hardware could handle, and gave developers a well-defined creative space to work within. As our shared hobby has grown in technology and cash flow-through, most games have gone 3D, with 2D being considered archaic in most venues (perhaps save fighting games, see SF4). The conversion to 3D has typically also involved adding new game types and development tricks to the product, often to its overall benefit from the perspective of creative depth.

So take a step back and consider what would result if a developer took concepts from more modern games, shooters in this case, and created a 2-dimensional game around those ideas. That was the question asked by Entertainment Products of Sweden AB (insert joke about 5 times fast) in Crash Commando."

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